The mother of Pavel Sheremet about the briefing of the police: “I felt like I had touched something disgusting”

Мама Павла Шеремета о брифинге полиции: "Я будто прикоснулась к чему-то омерзительному"

Lyudmila Stanislavovna. Photo: euroradio.fmМать murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet, Lyudmila Stanislavovna, after the briefing, where police announced the detection of crime, gave an interview to “the Country”.

– Did you watch the briefing of the Ministry of interior on the detention of suspects in the murder of your son? Do you agree with the arguments of law enforcement that is guilty of these people?

– Of course, I did. But how can I be agree or disagree? Well, announced. So, after all, is the will of the President to investigate the matter. This already gives us some hope. But it’s the performers… they’re Guilty or not, the court will be able to tell. And on customers generally out of the question. So I don’t know… I certainly want law enforcement agencies, and the President finally showed the Ukrainian people that they are able to protect every Ukrainian from tyranny. And what I heard… it’s like I touched something disgusting. Such a foul language…

– You mean record conversations of suspects?

Yes. And these people worked somewhere with someone. I have this disgusting feeling that there’s all these people. I don’t associate it with his son, because there’s no proof yet no. This is up to law enforcement.

– A mother’s heart tells you that?

– You know, my mother’s heart already… not here. My son is not. My mother’s heart should tell? My motherly heart had been shot.

– You believe, what do these people have committed murder?

I do not know. I’m not an investigator. I have no right to think about it. It is only a court will prove it.

– You are convinced the facts, announced by the interior Ministry today?

Hey, I just listened. Most importantly to this evidence satisfied. But the most terrible – not to hurt innocent people. I care about it. I am grateful to the President that he began still to conduct and finish the investigation, and that he himself will be present. And that this process is open to the public and journalists. For that Zelensky great respect.

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