The mother of Trudeau has travelled with WE Charity

La mère de Trudeau a voyagé avec WE Charity

The mother of Justin Trudeau has also traveled with WE Charity in Kenya. This is what has learned The Journal at the end of another week of revelations in connection with a scandal that now threatens to bring down the federal government a minority.

“The celebration today has filled my heart with hope and joy,” was Margaret Trudeau on July 17, 2019, in the company of the co-founder of the movement WE, Craig Kielburger.

The mother of the canadian prime minister was invited “honorary” at the inauguration of a college WE where young girls are especially trained to receive a degree in tourism.

It is also in Kenya as the wife and daughter of the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, were invited in July 2017. The minister was reimbursed for this trip, as well as another in Ecuador, this week.

WE Charity has not responded to the Newspaper, which has tried to find out who paid for the african voyage of Margaret Trudeau.

In the bush

This journey took place in the border of the national reserve of Masai Mara, located in the middle of the bush, to more than 200 km from the kenyan capital, Nairobi.

The place is known for its safaris and expeditions luxury travel, including those organised by one of the subsidiaries of the movement WE, ME to WE.

It is in this region, which attracts wealthy tourists from all over the planet hungry and savanna of selfies with the elephants, that the movement WE conducts its activities in kenya for 20 years now.

WE Charity explained earlier this week that offer free trips for potential donors is a common practice which is big.

“After their trips, the donors give tens of millions of dollars to directly improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries,” said the organization.

Nothing was done to derail this financing system well-oiled, until Ottawa offers WE pay him for 43.5 Million to$ administer$ 900 Million in scholarships for the volunteer student.

Prior to this, between 2015 and 2019, the federal government had already signed cheques totalling more than$5.3 Million.

Threats of election

Yesterday, it was too much for the opposition. The Bloc Québécois threatened to bring down the government from the back Room in September, if Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau does not resign by then.

The conservative Party has also asked for the resignation of two politicians, without, however, to call clearly for an election.

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer has indicated that it will be up to his successor, who will be known at the end of the summer, to decide ” the future strategy “.

Open the door of the schools to major brands

The movement WE serves as the gateway to large corporations in over 10 000 schools in North America and the United Kingdom.

The organization provides “kits of teaching activities and educational resources” sponsored teachers and students.

The conferences WE distributed in schools and its gigantic shows WE Days is also widely sponsored.

The young people who participate in the programs of WE are 1.6-fold to 3.5-fold more likely than the other to see the brands that are sponsoring the organization of a good eye, according to a survey produced by Mission Measurement for the benefit of WE, whose Vice has obtained a copy.

Microsoft, Allstate and Walgreens are thus perceived as ” relevant “, “ cool ” and ” confidence “.

Personal data

By adhering to the programs of WE, the young people provide a series of personal data, such as their name, their age, their email address, and even credit card numbers if they purchase a product WE, and their passport number if they are travelling with WE.

La mère de Trudeau a voyagé avec WE Charity

Vivian Krause
Researcher and writer

This week, the researcher Vivian Krause has stated before the committee of commons on the finance that she suspected WE to share such personal data with third parties in exchange for generous sponsorship.

“WE Charity has never shared its database with a political party, or a corporate group “, replied the body.

In its policy of protection of personal information, one can read : “we will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone “.

However, it also reads : “we give your information to people and companies that help us provide, understand and improve the services we offer “.

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