The mother who gave birth to twins, took her son but left her daughter, believing that “ugly”

Мать, родившая двойню, забрала сына, но оставила дочку, посчитав ту «некрасивой»

Ordinary girl Kate in anticipation of the twins was very attentive. I did counseling, had passed all the necessary tests..worried about the kids. It was her first birth.. And as usual in such cases, the hospital went ahead. Birth of twins — it’s not a comic.. Feeling the contractions, I started to panic. No one in this night in the hospital I couldn’t sleep.. Katya yelled a lot. Closer to dawn, the light appeared charming boy, and fifteen minutes later and daughter was born..

It was perfectly healthy kids, just the girls cheek was a birthmark.. It was big and dark. A young mother was to take the girl in his arms, turned away from her and took only the boy.. And in the morning she wrote a refusal from the daughter.. All the hospital staff was in shock. She explained his action by the fact that the children’s father left her, she was absolutely alone. And shame on her for such a girl who will tease her.

The doctors tried to reason with the young mother, said that after a small surgery spots will not be visible. It did not help. Imagine our surprise when the next day the girl came a young couple. The guy was her mother uncle. And paper they all gathered,though it was troublesome,but the girl is now in the family.

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