“The Motherland calls!”: who sculpted the main sculpture Russia

«Родина-мать зовет!»: с кого ваяли главную скульптуру России

During the great Patriotic war there were several turning points. One of the most significant victory in the battle of Stalingrad. In 1944 a competition was announced for the monument on Mamayev Kurgan. Took sketches of sculptors from around the world, military field mail work sent even the soldiers. Opened the monument “the Motherland calls!”, only 20 years later after the appearance of the idea in 1967. About whose face is immortalized in the concrete, tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Valentine Bekshaeva.

Eight thousand tons of cargo, which will forever bear the Mamaev Kurgan. In the battle of Stalingrad gave their lives nearly 35 thousand Soviet soldiers. In 1967 on the site of a mass grave was erected the main monument of Russia – “Motherland calls!”.

The statue was built a long nine years. The project of the memorial ensemble heroes battle of Stalingrad came up with and implemented the Soviet sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich. The first sketches he created at the Moscow workshop. There is still kept a small copy of the statue and a copy of the head in real size.

“A person is the spouse of Eugene V. Vera V. Vuchetich. With it he sculpted the image. She told me that her husband forced her all the time yelling, and it is very difficult, because a person can scream, but the master demanded, it is necessary to emit a powerful scream” – says the grandson of the sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich.

In addition to his wife, Yevgeny Vuchetich, probably inspired and antique sculpture Nike of Samothrace. On the sketch of the future monument “the Motherland” shows similarities with the Greek statue. There are also reports that the image of the figure the sculptor was asked to pose for a Soviet athlete Nina Dumbadze, but few know that the first version of the monument was very different from the final result.

“Motherland” was to not hold the sword, but the national flag of the Soviet Union – the Red flag. And before her knees were supposed to be Soviet soldiers who swears allegiance and goes to war. But this idea was abandoned in favor of one option, which we can now see. At the time of installation in 1967 the “Motherland” was the tallest monument in Europe and was in the Guinness Book of records”, – said the employee of the Museum of the victory of Alexander Mikhailov.

Today “the Motherland” on the 11th place in the ranking of the highest monuments in the world. The sword is 87 meters. Initially the “Motherland” was supposed to be 36 meters high, but Nikita Khrushchev decreed that it become higher than the statue of Liberty in new York. Eventually, she outgrew the symbol of America, and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

“The Motherland calls!” is not alone, she has sculpted relatives: a monument “back front” in Magnitogorsk and “Warrior-liberator” in Berlin’s Treptow Park. It turns out the whole story, written by Vuchetich: a sword, forged in the Urals, was raised to “the Motherland” in Stalingrad and fell after the Victory in Berlin.

Engineering calculations of the monument was carried out under the guidance of Nikolay Nikitin – the same one that built the Ostankino TV tower. Like a Queen on a chess Board “Motherland” is not fixed – it stands under its own weight. Inside the hollow sculpture hold 99 of steel ropes. To get there outsiders can’t. Hence the rumors that in the mouth of the homeland and an observation deck and restaurant, but for the reinforced concrete structure is hidden just engineering point – there are sensors, which specialists daily monitor the state of the monument.

After the holidays “the Motherland” is wrapped in a forest. Reconstruction will last until next year. In the Day of 75-th anniversary of Victory, the mighty and the great – she will Shine again.