The movement of trains through the station Arys fully restored

PHOTO : MIR / Svetlana Rodina


Fully restored the movement of trains through the station Arys (the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan) suspended after the explosions in warehouses of the military unit, reports channel “MIR 24”. Also the restored ticket office.

The station was closed from June 27. As noted in the “Kazakhstan Railways” for the period from 24 to 28 June, all passengers seeking to the ticket office, was repaid funds in the amount of 50 million tenge.

Repair and restoration work is carried out in 136 houses. The repairs need 85% of residential buildings in the city. The city has 118 construction companies, more than 1,5 thousands of construction workers, brought in 86 units of special equipment. The damage is estimated at 52.5 million dollars.

On the morning of 24 June in the warehouses of the military unit N44856 stationed in the town of Arys, a fire occurred detonation of ammunition. Of power of the Turkestan region declared the region a state of emergency and evacuation of the population Arys – almost 45 thousand people. In the result of emergency has killed three people, for medical help addressed more than 400 people. Residents temporarily evacuated to Shymkent (the city of Republican significance in the South of Kazakhstan) and in a few nearby settlements. June 28, residents of Arys began to return to their homes.