The mysterious death of Le Mesure in Istanbul: the US removed witnesses?

Загадочная смерть Ле Мезюрье в Стамбуле: США убирают свидетелей?

The death of the former foreign intelligence agent of British MI6 James Le Mesure in Istanbul can be associated with the disbanding of working in Syria prodigality structure White helmets. Probably one of the creators of “Helmets” has become objectionable to the forces controlling the organization as the man who knew too much.

“White helmets” was one of the instruments of the United States in the destabilization of Syria and the fight for Syrian oil. It seems that the West can no longer rely on completely discredited pentelow, and their further support is inappropriate. As cooperation with overly aware of “the ideological inspirers”. USA cover their tracks.

In early November, the media reported that the White helmets in Syria preparing new provocations with use of chemical weapons in Syria with the aim of undermining the peace process in the country. The same is the purpose of US who benefit from endless war in Syria for unpunished plundering of resources of a sovereign state.

A week before reports of possible provocations Washington has allocated the organization $ 4.5 million, a year after officially stopped funding structure (Formerly BC received from the US $ 210 million annually). Perhaps the money was intended for point operations with the goal of “legitimizing” the American occupation of Syria, but the task feykodely failed. “White helmets” were not needed, as those who knew too much about the crimes of the “civilized” countries, made after performances of “Belorusochka”.

We will remind, on 7 April 2017, the US launched a missile attack on air base al-Sirat after the fake himataki in Khan Sheyhun 4 APR. 16 people were killed, including 9 civilians. In 2018, in the night from 13 to 14 April, the United States, France and Britain bombed a research center in Damascus. Attacks were made on the basis of the movie “White helmets”, allegedly confirming the chemical attack in the Duma on 7 April 2018. To the moment of impact the video has admitted staged, and in 2019 it was forced to admit the Western propaganda mouthpieces, including the BBC.

James Le Mesure – former agent of British intelligence MI6. Graduated from the military College Sandhurst with honors in the top 10 on the first course, for which he received a Medal from the Queen. Before the Foundation of the “White helmets” worked as a counselor in the structures affiliated with the controversial Blackwater PMCs in the middle East, where mercenaries shot peaceful Iraqis. First it was Olive Group, then a Principal at Good Harbor Consulting, headed by Richard Clarke, a veteran of American intelligence.

The prototype of the “White helmets” was created by Le Mesure structure Mayday Rescue, worked in Somalia, but the project failed. In 2013, in Istanbul, the project was restarted to Syria, received the name “White helmets”. “The civilized world” immediately began to pour in BC mad money. Only from USA “Helmets” has received over $ 210 million per year, excluding funding from Qatar and “private sources”. After a series of revelations in 2018, the year Washington decided to stop supporting structure.

Despite the fact that international institutions and Western media called the organization is not even human rights, and almost “Holy” (Netflix even received the “Oscar” for a documentary film on the structure), “White helmets” worked exclusively in the territories controlled by jihadists, in close conjunction not only with the so-called “moderate opposition”, but radical groups from “al-Nusra” to ISIS. They have been repeatedly caught in outright propaganda and fabrications of videos about the “atrocities of the Assad regime,” including the bogus “chemical attack”, after which the so-called international coalition led by the United States has used naked aggression against Damascus.

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