The mysterious gruesome murder of pensioners near Kiev

There are details and videos from the event.

Загадкове жахливе вбивство пенсіонерів під Києвом

Pensioners, whose bodies were found in the woods near the village of Dudarkiv (Boryspil district, Kyiv region), thinned forest. So, one of them worked as a Forester, the second was just helping him.

It is reported by the Rus.Media.

It is noted that at the funeral of a villager-the godfathers, the 62-year-old Valeria Booze and Nikolai Shkurko, under the Church gathered dozens of people. Gregory A. the last person to see them alive.

According to him, Valery was a Forester, and was often asked to help friends retired to work in the woods. That day in the morning they also went to the forest.

“We helped just as friends,” said the man.

Specifies that the Forester with mates wanted to clear the shrubs, but during the work I heard the turn of a minimum of 5 shots that were heard from mid-forest. Gregory son and I were on the spot, and the two friends set off to find the poachers.

“Some time ago, shot, and silence. We have called twice, and then the dog came running to us. He went – they found the car. As the car was found and the body was found,” he said.

Unknown hit men in the chest and face of the victims died before arrival “fast”. For what could be a conflict, none of the relatives of Nicholas and Valeria has no idea.

“He no conflict. Extinguished these disputes. He would not go on the rampage. To kill people for the animal – could not be”, – the locals say.

Now the police version of the murder because of poaching, in charge. This is indicated by the physical evidence found at the scene.

Thus militiamen for the second day go to all the village houses and interrogate the local, in particular hunters, in search of any leads.

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