The mysterious life of Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula

La vie mystérieuse de Bram Stoker, créateur de Dracula

Great irish writer, Joseph O’connor has created a biography of amazing Bram Stoker, creator of the mythical Dracula, in his new novel. The ball of shadows, a novel full of verve, depicting the backstage of a large theatre in london in the 19th century, is a jewel of literary creation.

The ball of shadows
Joseph O’connor
Editions Rivages, 550 pages”>

The ball of shadows
Joseph O’connor
Editions Rivages, 550 pages

Romance novel, historical novel, a novel about the mysteries of creation, The dance of the shadows tells of both the life of Bram Stoker, theatre manager, and the actress Ellen Terry, a feminist of the time, in London, that could be compared to Sarah Bernhardt.

Playful, lyrical, and beautifully evocative, imbued with mystery, the novel leads the readers into a London of another century. “Bram Stoker was from Dublin, which is also my city. When I was young, my grandmother talked to us about him. From the age of eight years, I am interested in his life. The more I read biographies of Bram Stoker, the more I found his strange life and interesting, ” observes Joseph O’connor, in an interview from Dublin.

Enigmatic character

“During a large part of his life, he was not known as a writer : he was the director of theatre. He has worked with great actors such as Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. I had this strange trinity head since my teens. “

Joseph O’connor admires the tireless energy of Bram Stoker. “I think that one of the most important qualities a person can have, it is perseverance. He has written several books and most have not been successful, but he continued to write. He was convinced that he would one day write a book that would become a classic. Unfortunately, he has not experienced fame in his lifetime : Dracula became a classic after his death. But he was right. “

The writer would have liked to make his acquaintance. “It appears to me as a reliable man, kind, efficient, modest. I’d like to be able to discuss with him… perhaps it is for this reason that I wrote this book. “

In comparison, Henry Irving had a flamboyant personality, he notes. “He had a volcanic temper ! “” And Ellen Terry : I think all those who have met her have fallen in love with her. It was remarkable. “

Actor legendary

Joseph O’connor does not know if it is true that Bram Stoker was inspired by Henry Irving to create the character of count Dracula. “There is no evidence literary, but it is an interesting idea, I think. It has been said that Irving was so good an actor that he managed to change his form and age, on stage. “

The novelist, very successful, very quiet and posed in an interview, said to be fascinated by the stories of the gothic. “I love supernatural stories, ghost stories. Of course, the literature of the victorian era is filled. One has only to think of the picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde. ”

♦ Joseph O’connor lives in Dublin, Ireland.

♦ He has written several novels published around the world. He is the star of The sea or Redemption Falls.

♦ Dance of the shadows has been enormously successful in Britain in its original English version.

♦ He is the brother of the singer Sinead O’connor.

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