The mystic missile has excited social networks

Мистическая ракета взбудоражила соцсети

Aliens or NASA? Mystical rocket put on the ears of the social network. Ufologists don’t deny both, but on the basis of their profession, are naturally more inclined to the first. Nevertheless, they believe that NASA performs a secret mission, the purpose of which is contact with aliens.

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The rocket which social networks have already nicknamed “mystical”, casually came across on digital cameras that do broadcast weather on the official website of Skunk Bay Weather early in the morning on June 10.

The experts tried to uncover the secret of the object, details captured in the photo posted online by an observer for the weather by Greg Johnson.

Many Americans “rocket” scared, because they immediately started talking about “undeclared nuclear war”. Ufologists have noted that this object might not have been a military projectile, and the ship and the aliens with whom contact attempted to include representatives of NASA.

Some even considered Intercontinental ballistic weapon in this photo, but, really, the answer was much simpler. On the pictures was depicted a military helicopter.

Near the place where the picture was taken, you’ll base the U.S. Navy. One of the aircraft was in the frame, but the optical effect was taken incorrectly, and that was the reason for building the mass of speculation on this subject.

Recall, the footage posted on the website of the British newspaper Daily Star, it is seen that the surface of the Earth gradually rises an object that emits a bright light blue color. Gaining altitude, space, the body begins to glide to the right and then instantly disappears.

During slow motion playback shows that before finally disappear, unidentified object sharply appears on the left side of the frame.

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