The myth about the murder of a team of diplomats of the UPR in Turkey by the Russians on the eve of obtaining autocephaly

Миф про убийство команды дипломатов УНР в Турции русскими накануне получения автокефалии

Zey happy Catholic and Uniate resources (1, 2) in recent days, exploded “sensational” news,”GPU KILLED IN the 1930S IN ISTANBUL a TEAM of DIPLOMATS of the UPR, WHICH WORKED AUTOCEPHALY”

Миф про убийство команды дипломатов УНР в Турции русскими накануне получения автокефалии

The Uniate online RICE writes: “In late November, the Turkish nationalists newspaper Milliyet, published an article about the destruction in Istanbul of the team of diplomats of the UNR government in exil hands of the GPU. It is still unknown page of Ukrainian history.

The publication is concentrated around a Central figure of the diplomatic constellation – writer Vladimir Morskogo. In 2018 in Istanbul unexpectedly found it is still a forgotten grave in the French cemetery…

…First of all, Murski worked on getting the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. He established direct relations between the government of the UNR and the Ecumenical Patriarch. He called the Ukrainian diplomat as “his friend”.

… Under these geopolitical circumstances Murski died at the age of forty-seven years due to “brain tumor”. However, Milliyet found that in those same years in the same supposedly cancer and quite young, suddenly died all colleagues Morskogo: previous representative of the UPR in Istanbul Alexander Adasevic; the official UNR in Istanbul Denis Khvylya; Deputy Morskogo Nicholas Zabello with his wife Katherine.

A number of identical and simultaneous death could only be a result of the activities of the GPU. According to the newspaper, in those years the GPU in Istanbul acted unusually active.

With the death Morskogo Diaspora project autocephaly for Ukrainian Orthodoxy was permanently suspended.”

Yes, I did. Receiving from the Ecumenical Patriarch of autocephaly “to the government of UNR in exil”! And for that, the GPU him and his companions in obtaining the Autocephalous status of the slack. Cancer. A Turkish newspaper has exposed all of this today, Yes.

I’m not too lazy to click on the link to the page of the Turkish newspaper, the alleged investigation ssylayutsya mythmakers and it says: “There is also a report of death Morskogo. The report stated that he died of a hemorrhagic brain tumor. But anonymous Ukrainian historian suggeststhat Murski was the victim of cyanide. Historian, whose name was not disclosed, said, “Murski died at a very young age – at the age of 47 years. At that time, Istanbul was the most intense city in the activities of the GPU, as it was then called the KGB. And at that time was the “laboratory” of the Russian secret service. They probably developed a cure or the virus. Because the predecessor Morskogo Alexander Adasevic died at a very young age, and the cause of death was cancer. Denis Huila, the number 2 in the exiled government of Istanbul, also died of cancer at a young age.”

Yes, now will tell tales of atheistic political activists STSU about the fact that atheists UNR government “in eksil” could obtain autocephaly from the hands of the Ecumenical Patriarch in 1935-m to year, but he was poisoned by Russian agents cancer. And even managed to make with reference to obscure resource “Teksti” in Wikipedia and in various articles – from articles about tokenvalue to articles about Morskom.

Yes, and you don’t laugh, but Murski developed a draft agreement between the future Ukrainian state and Crimea on the mutual recognition of independence of the UNR and the Crimean Republic!

By the way, the Turkish newspaper writes that the grave Morskogo, which was looking for a few years, was even n ena Orthodox or Armenian cemetery, and the French Catholic.

And he Murski was really interesting figure, which fueled the interest of the Soviet intelligence services and through whom tried to reach out to agents of Petliura in the USSR, so more than anyone was interested in it.

Unruly then competed with the OUN for grants (as we would say today) on activities against the Soviet Union. And the OUN did it because of the tenacity and organizational abilities, as well as relations with the Greek-Catholic Church is much better. And “UPR government” headed by A. Levitsky with the defeat of Petlyura’s army and her internment in Poland there was in Warsaw a subsidy of the government of Poland, and is the instrument of the Polish foreign Ministry and the 2nd Department of the Polish General staff that use the generals and the intelligence apparatus of the UPR in the rebel, and sabotage activities on the territory of the USSR) in the Eastern policy of Poland.

And Murski just tried to bring the activities of UNR on broader horizons. Here is the document that gave Murski German intelligence in Turkey about his contacts with the Japanese military attache Kaṇḍa. Wanting to inform the Germans about the work of the organization within and outside the USSR, Murski referred the report of the German intelligence in Istanbul. The document is of interest because compiled knowledge “of the government of UNR” in Warsaw and serves as the basis for further joint work of the Japanese intelligence service with the organization and contains the programme of action of the UNR abroad and in the Soviet Ukraine (terrorist, sabotage and subversive acts) .

Representative of Ukrainians in Istanbul Morskogo

the Japanese military attache

in Turkey Kanda

The history of recent years have proved to everyone open-minded, that the solution of the Russian problem and the subsequent fatal blow to communism was possible only through armed conflict, and not by fruitless debates and conferences or friendly pacts with Soviet Russia.

Peoples, placed in subordination to the Bolsheviks interested in the dismemberment of Russia, following very closely and with great sympathy the development of Japanese action in the far East. They firmly hope that the upcoming Sino-Soviet conflict, disastrous for RUSSIA, over the final dismemberment of the latest national States: Ukraine, the Caucasus, Turkestan and other out of game of the counterparty, political and economic methods which were always for Europe and for Asia, an inexhaustible source of intrigue and crises. For this reason the Ukrainian people eagerly waiting for this conflict as the beginning of realization of their ideals and correcting those errors that caused the contracts and flattery of the Bolsheviks with the civilized Nations .

The government of the Ukrainian Democratic Republic in exile from 1920, gives this conflict is absolutely crucial importance — it can give freedom to our country.

The Ukrainian government has based its plans on the following data:

In the event of conflict between Soviet Russia and Japan Bolsheviks mobilized and the first will be to fight the Japanese. Immediately revolt erupted in Ukraine, the Caucasus and Turkestan, which would turn into a national revolution. The Ukrainian government, supported by Japan, Poland and Romania, will supply weapons to the rebels and military instructor staff. In the far East will rise also the Ukrainians living in the Amur region. Will be organized from prisoners of war and Ukrainian volunteer corps for active combat. In case of need the Ukrainian government possesses the personnel officers and the lieutenants of the old national army. On the other hand, in the event of a conflict with Russia to form a military volunteer corps of the Ukrainians living in Poland, the USA and Canada that military service has already received military training.

The signing by Poland and Romania with the non-aggression Pact with the Soviet Union has changed those plans. Hope for support from these countries has become dubious, though not eliminated. The imminence of the Russo-Japanese conflict, however, so change the circumstances and political calculations of Europe that the numerous contracts will be impaired. Nothing suggests that anyone, least of all Poland wants to actively be on the side of the Bolsheviks. In the best case, it will Express a favorable neutrality, which will not prevent limitrophe Ukrainians (more than 6 million inhabitants in Eastern Galicia and Volyn) secretly organize anti-Soviet campaigns in favor of Ukraine.

Bulgaria, related with Ukraine, the country has so far not assumed any direct or indirect obligations in respect of the Bolsheviks. It will be a brilliant base for the preparatory work for the formation of military personnel and military bases if for any reasons it is impossible to do in a more close to Ukraine countries. Numerous Ukrainian emigration, now located there, will be the core of the future formations.

For immediate military action in Ukraine, Turkey is not of direct importance, but it will be the primary factor in the Caucasian events. However, the Ukrainians have already begun to intensify his political activities in Turkey.

As for the Far East, the Ukrainian government offers the services with the consent and assistance of the governments of Japan and Manchukuo to create on the territory of the Far East base for the formation of Ukrainian troops, as was done in Germany during the great war. North of Manchukuo, close to the province of Amur, populated mostly by Ukrainians, represents a perfect ground for anti-Russian actions.

The Ukrainian government, working in contact with the peoples of the Caucasus and Turkestan, should involuntarily coordinate their political and military actions and subsequently will have their opportunities in Turkey and Persia.

The importance of the moment oblige the Ukrainian government to expand and intensify their activities and begin to implement their plans.

Political activity of the Ukrainian government, who were in exile, mainly consisted of propaganda in the political circles of the world, the dismemberment of Russia and creating an independent Ukrainian state. For these purposes, the Ukrainian government enjoyed:

1) the territory of Geneva, i.e. the League of Nations and international organizations in the past.

2) anti-Russian and anti-Communist position of Poland and Romania. The Poland’s support was extremely valuable, and even Pact with the Soviets did not interrupt her, forcing her to zakonservirovat.

3) Paris as the political centre of Western Europe, where the Ukrainian diplomatic mission the delegation of Georgia and the Committee of independence of the Caucasus.

4) Political activity of their representatives in Brussels, Prague, Sofia, Bucharest, Istanbul and Ukrainian organizations in the various countries of Europe and America .

For the immediate future, the Ukrainian government provides:

a) the Establishment of offices in Tokyo, Harbin, Berlin, London, Budapest, Rome, Washington and in one of the Baltic countries.

b) improve performance of existing offices.

in) Edition of political diary in French in Geneva or Paris, and the Ukrainian language in Harbin.

g) Strengthening of Pro-Ukrainian propaganda in the world press.

d) the Development activities of the Ukrainian Bureau of the press.

e) In the case of the German-Japanese agreement against Russia, the Ukrainian government believes is absolutely necessary serious propaganda in Germany.

Preparatory measures envisaged by the Ukrainian government, which will serve as a pretext for revolutionary movements, and military action in Ukraine, the following:

1. Abroad.

a) the Establishment of new contact points on the Polish border, in Romania and Manchukuo and strengthening the activities of existing ones.

b) the Supply of these items weapons and ammunition to be transported to Ukraine.

C) Organization of weapons and material bases.

g) the Organization of modern military training for officers and lieutenants (Ukrainian).

d) Organizing military units and personnel for future Ukrainian army.

e) Organization of health services and detachments of the red cross.

g) Organization of commercial missions, which is engaged in the accumulation of provisions and goods for transhipment outside terms for Ukraine as they supply. This will produce a profound impression on the impoverished and disoriented during the long years of Communist propaganda to the population.

2. In Ukraine.

a) the Organization of sabotage in the farms .

b) the Destruction of Railways and bridges, crash trains, etc.

C) the burning of military stores, weapons and ammunition storage.

g) to Wreak havoc among the towns and villages to prevent mobilization.

d) Disruption of supply of cities and industrial centers, the organization of strikes, revolts of workers and peasants.

e) the organization of the gangs.

W) to organize cells in the army and Navy.

h) the Development of mass and individual terror, the murder of prominent Communists, terror against the GPU.

I) the Distribution of power order of promotional brochures, etc.

K) the Organization of the Ukrainian Central revolutionary Committee, who is on the spot to lead the rebellion against the Bolsheviks.

The implementation of this plan requires huge financial resources, and without the assistance of a foreign state, the Ukrainian government cannot do. Funds that it has provided him 13 years of work, but do not allow it to develop its activity, as required by the moment.

Hope for cooperation with Japan allows us to count on its financial support in the form of loans: a) financial b) commercial. The amount, duration of loan, terms and guarantees will be determined by a mixed Commission.

Ukraine, despite its great natural wealth, were so denuded of political and economic Bolshevik seizure of that for many years are an open market to foreign imports. Besides financial and economic stability will require continuous assistance of foreign capital and specialists.

The Ukrainian government hopes that economic and technical cooperation between Japan and Ukraine will be very busy .

The issues raised in this report give only the basic outline of the plan of the Ukrainian government in the near future. Much will depend on the moment of occurrence of the conflict between Japan and the Soviet Union. But even if the conflict is delayed or at the moment will be resolved peacefully, satisfy Japan, the Ukrainian government has not lost hope that the Japanese circles, whether it is in the interests of weakening the Soviet Union, will support the action of the liberation of Ukraine and the creation of its independent state. The fact of the withdrawal of Ukraine will unwittingly encourage national movement in the Caucasus and Turkestan, creating new political groups in the East of Europe, and of Japan will ease its task in Asia.

Presenting on behalf of the government of the Ukrainian Democratic Republic of this report of the Japanese military circles, I firmly believe that political, economic and military cooperation between the two Nations will be “FET acompli” (fait accompli) in the very near future.

Vladimir Murski,

the representative of the government

Ukrainian Democratic Republic

Istanbul 9.XI.34g .

Sotskov L. F. Unknown separatism: In the service of SD and Abwehr: From the secret files intelligence

Regarding contacts Morskogo with the Ecumenical Patriarch, the modern historici write that the Prime Minister of the Ukrainian government in Warsaw Prokopovich appointed Morskogo “Orthodox Nuncio” in Turkey. Morskomu managed to establish contacts with Bulgarian Metropolitan Boris, who and poznakomil it with the Turkish Patriarch Photios, who began to call Morskogo “Mein Freund”.

Murski organized a meeting Prokopovich with the Ecumenical Patriarch in which he gave the Ecumenical Patriarch a document confirming his authority as the representative of the Supreme Council of Ukrainian immigrants, as well as a Memorandum for his own signature, confirming… the right to receive the Tomos of autocephaly for the Ukrainian.

Миф про убийство команды дипломатов УНР в Турции русскими накануне получения автокефалии

A copy of the Memorandum, the served V. Popovichem Vselenska Patriarch Photios II.

Source: GDS NWR Ukraine. SPR. 12617. Vol. 1. Ark.27

Миф про убийство команды дипломатов УНР в Турции русскими накануне получения автокефалии

A copy of the Memorandum, the served V. Popovichem Vselenska Patriarch Photios II.Source: GDS NWR Ukraine. SPR. 12617. Vol. 1. Ark.27зв

Write also that Murski organized an audience with Photius II to Prince G. Nakashidze to get the Tomos to the Georgian Church, but these plans about getting a global tomasov prevented the death of Morskoga and Fotia.

Today turned out to be poisoned like rats, the Russian special services. I wonder if this will be our first experience with a “Newbie”.varjag2007su

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