The NAB has started investigation against the deputies of “public Servants”

НАБУ начало расследование против нардепов из «Слуги народа»

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) started pre-trial investigation in respect of people’s deputies from the faction of “Servant of the people”, who are accused of granting “salaries in envelopes”.

This was announced by the people’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko (fraction “EU”).

According to section 1-1 of part 2 of article 60 of the code of criminal procedure, articles 111 and 214 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine is to inform you that based on Your statements about the crime from 06.11.2019 No. 338/1-79 included information about the Commission of a crime under part 4 St. 368 criminal code of Ukraine and initiated pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings No. 52019000000001034 in fact possible receive people’s deputies of Ukraine – members of Deputy fraction “servant of the people”, of illegal benefit for himself for committing or not committing such officials in the interests of the one who offers, promises provides illegal benefit or in the interests of a third party action with the use of power or official position“, – said in the text of the response to NAB, a copy of which announced the MP in Facebook.

According to Goncharuk, now supposedly there was a hope that the investigators of the NAB will bring this matter to the end.

Ukrainians should know how the team of the new government takes away people’s livelihood, but “their” do not deprive“- said the MP.

The MP also added, in addition, he posted copies of the Extract from the Unified register of pre-trial investigation and his Statements about the crime to the Prosecutor General of Ruslan Riaboshapka and Chairman of the NAB Artem Sytnik.

As you know, earlier in telegrams-channel “Joker” appeared the screenshots of the alleged correspondence of Deputy Chairman of the faction “servant of the people” Nikolay Tishchenko, and also the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of health, health care and health insurance Michael Radutsky with the prankster, who identified himself as the attorney General p. Ryaboshapka here. According to media reports, the prankster, the Joker in the last 5 days played in the messenger several deputies from “public Servants” on behalf of the attorney General.

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