“The naked blogger” Jesse o’brien told how to overcome alcohol addiction

28-year-old blogger from Australia Jesse o’brien, a well-known fact that constantly publishes the “naked” pictures, told how to overcome alcohol.

«Голий блогер» Джесса О&#039Брайен розповіла, як подолати алкогольну залежність

According to Internet celebrity, she was addicted to tequila two years ago, but helped her active Hobbies, walking, yoga, and changing circle of friends, reports Rus.Media.

According to “the naked blogger” in the past it was the norm to drink at least one bottle of alcohol, especially on weekends. Jesse o’brien said that long did not even see this problem, as well as the constant drinking that must. Sunday is always held in a hungover fog. Unexpectedly, however, the “naked blogger” was fond of climbing, and after 7 months of Hiking in the mountains, realized that I need to stop drinking, as reported VistaNews.

She managed to do it in 2016, though it was hard to hold back when others were drinking. Now the “naked blogger” celebrated the second anniversary from the day when she doesn’t drink. The Internet celebrity also encouraged to think about how low to have alcohol addiction and how it negatively affects relationships between people.

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