The names of the survivors of the wreck of the under Turkey

The rescue operation is almost completed and in the media appeared the names of the rescued ship.

Названі імена тих, що вижили після аварії судна під Туреччиною

Since the accident in the Black sea, killing six crew members of the cargo ship Volgo Balt 214, was held for almost a day.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Sibiga has published the names of the surviving sailors of the 12 crew members of the cargo ship Volgo Balt 214. Recall that the cargo ship sank off the North coast of Turkey, seven people were rescued, six died, four of them – citizens of Ukraine, informs Rus.Media.

Now all the victims of the crew members are in hospital in the Turkish Samsun, they are medics and rescuers. According to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine, after the shipwreck were rescued:

Shevchuk Stanislav;

Melnichenko, Paul;

Gerashchenko Oleg;

Ilchenko Eugene;

Yatsenko, Eugene;

Jump Denis;

Booth Tatiana.

In Samsun there is a hot line for relatives of the crew +905 395 509 898.

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