The Nasdaq added scriptindex on the basis of artificial intelligence

Nasdaq добавила криптоиндекс на основе искусственного интеллекта

The second largest stock exchange, Nasdaq added the index of cryptocurrency CIX100. Cointelegraph writes, based on the test market of digital currencies lies the neural network algorithm. Data can be analyzed for hundreds of the most popular cryptocurrencies. According to Nasdaq, while assessing the coins is taken into account more than 200 factors. It is known that neural network analysis was developed specifically for the analysis of the cryptocurrency. The main goal is to remove from the ratings the coins with a fake volume and other indicators. It is a tool that is useful for professional investors and newcomers to kriptonyte. The press release says that the data received from nine of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. They take into account the results of millions of transactions. In addition, attention is drawn to the latest industry news and data from social networks. Cryptoindex CIX100 at the moment is already included in the lists of Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView. I must say that the cryptocurrency indices are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to Nasdaq, they are used Cryptocompare, Sina Finance, etc.

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