The national anthem of recycled

L’hymne national recyclé

For match number 3 in the series qualifier in the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Montreal canadiens chose to entrust the interpretation of the national anthems to a pre-recorded the opera singer Alexandre Sylvestre, Wednesday.

It is a particular scene at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, where CH is the home team in the amphitheatre of the Maple Leafs. For the occasion, the comments and remarks of the advertiser-home are in French, then in English.

After a few controversies regarding the national anthems sung by Michael Bublé and a pre-recorded Brett Kissel, the Habs did not take a chance using a replay of the interpretation of bilingual of Mr. Sylvester, who is the baritone for the Opera of Montreal.

Usually, the “O Canada” is heard in both official languages, in the metropolis of québec or at Ottawa, before the Senators.

The supporters of the Blue-White-Red have also been able to notice that it is the usual music that is used at the Bell Centre that has resonated at the entrance on the ice, players from Canada.

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