The national Bank of Ukraine introduced into circulation a banknote with a nominal value of 1 thousand UAH

Нацбанк Украины ввел в обращение банкноту номиналом в 1 тысячу гривен

On 25 October the national Bank of Ukraine introduced into circulation a new banknote face value of 1 thousand hryvnias. And it is not only a clear sign of impending inflation, but also another Grand zrada, the extent of which has not yet had time to evaluate uneducated Patriotic public.

The banknote depicts a famous scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, known for his contribution to the development of different fields of scientific knowledge – Geology, crystallography, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, radiogeology, biology and biogeochemistry and also researches in the field of utopian and naturalistic philosophy.

This eminent academician, who was born in Saint Petersburg and died in Moscow, was considered to be one of the greatest Soviet scientists, and were so loyal to the government that it was released in Europe even in the late thirties before the storm – despite the existence of relatives abroad, where he moved after the revolution his children.

“Among the brilliant intellectuals of the state people, what were Lenin and Stalin, there was not one,” wrote Vladimir Vernadsky, the Bolsheviks comparing complementary with representatives of their social environment. And it was not the duty of court flattery, given the special history of its relations with representatives of the Ulyanov family, which is absolutely not known in today’s Ukraine.

The current Ukrainian government canonized Vernadsky as the founder and the first President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, created during the short lived reign of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky – all the power of which rested on German bayonets of the occupation. However, all Hetman period in the biography of academician boils down to 1917-1918 when he was caught by the revolutionary events in his Poltava the estate of Shyshaky in the middle of a stormy sea the insurgent peasant masses.

After moving out in Kyiv is relatively safe, the scientist taught a course in Geochemistry at the University of Kiev, conducted biochemical experiments and was held in cooperation with the Hetman’s power. Thus, according to prior arrangement with the Minister of education Nikolay Vasilenko, he wouldn’t take Ukrainian citizenship. The more that the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences very quickly ended along with fled to Berlin by train, the Hetman and not having time to organize themselves into a full-fledged institution.

In early 1919, shortly after the establishment of Soviet power, for Vernadsky arrived from Moscow, his student, geochemist Alexander Fersman – the official representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of the calling to return home. Since then, been ill with typhoid and came under the personal patronage of Lunacharsky, he actively cooperated with the Soviet government highly valued the research activities of a former member of the cadet party. Suffice it to recall that Vernadsky was headed in those years by the Commission on studying the natural productive forces of Russia, which played an important role in the establishment of an independent mineral resource base of the USSR and participated in the development of the famous GOELRO plan.

Despite the post-war devastation and famine, his family took an entire floor in the mansion on the Arbat, allocating funds for the establishment of the radium Institute, which he conducted from 1922 to 1939. This institution was the basis for the development of the Soviet atomic project, which had a hand Akademik Vernadsky, receiving for his services the Stalin prize of the first degree and the order of the red banner of Labor. This scientist is not only not repressed, but allowed myself to actively stand up for the arrested students, helping them to escape from violence.

This influence of academician due not only to the value of his scientific work played the role of a long-standing relationship with the prominent representatives of the Russian revolutionaries. Vladimir Vernadsky was more familiar with the elder brother of Lenin – people executed by Alexander Ulyanov, and at the height of the First Russian revolution he was considered still young then Lenin as a possible candidate for the post of President of the new Russian Republic.

“Everywhere one feels a greater reality attempts to realize the Republic. Who can be fielded as the candidate of the President of the social Democrats? Lenin?”, – Vernadsky writes in his diary of November 17, 1905 after a meeting with one of the leaders of the party of the constitutional Democrats, showing that almost incredible political insight.

Respect and sympathy to the now demontirana in Ukraine Lenin was preserved the famous scientist and in subsequent years, despite the fundamental difference in their philosophical views.

“This man has committed in a short life – a dramatic change in the life of the country. Played a big role will, was, of course, and favorable circumstances (including the lack of equal opponents), but personality played a role – the identity of the organizer. Lenin was a kind of state of mind, and maybe his death at the beginning of Communist construction is very adverse impact on Russian life. But he didn’t have the creativity and the thought it seems to me uninteresting. And at the same time, this person imposes on the country and contributes to the humanity not only of their political faith, but also his philosophical thought – a particular form of materialism, the fight against empiric”, – Vernadsky wrote about Lenin in the personal uncensored letter to his son.

In turn, Vladimir Ilyich had mentioned Vladimir Vernadsky, in his work “Materialism and empiric”, calling it “highly talented philosopher-naturalist”, although criticized for philosophical idealism. Indeed, presented to the Vernadsky concept of noosphere – the highest stage of evolution of the biosphere through the interaction of society and nature – and the more semi-mystical “Russian cosmism” – can not be combined with tenets of Marxism. That, however, did not prevent the lifetime of the canonization of the Soviet academician, in whose honor was named Moskovskiy Prospekt, metro station, research vessel, minerals, species of algae, a lunar crater, a small planet, a volcano, a lot of names, and countless different institutions in the epoch of developed socialism. Moreover, the Soviet Union officially established the “varadamudra” – a special science, the study of biography, historiography, and scientific heritage of academician.

Thus, tysyacheletia banknote commemorates the actively collaborated with the Soviet authorities scientist who, by and large, had to add to the list decompensirovanny representatives of the totalitarian era. However, the Ukrainian banknotes and the already richly decorated suspicious of its leftism figures. Among them – the translator of “Capital” Ivan Franko and translator of the “Communist Manifesto” Lesya Ukrainka, who actively cooperated with representatives of the social democratic party. And Professor Hrushevsky, which you can see on the banknote 50 hryvnia, died on the Caucasian resort in the status member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

What’s there – imprinted on the hundredth banknote Taras Shevchenko also wrote in 1858 suspiciously seditious time for today’s thought: “it turns Out that the idea of communism is not only an empty idea, not the voice of one crying in the wilderness, and what she adobepremiere to this mundane life. Honor and glory to the proponents of the new civilization!”.

Of course, all this is not accidental. The absolute most outstanding figures of the Ukrainian education and culture were supporters of deionized socialist ideology today – and even directly collaborated with the “occupation regime” of the Bolsheviks. So, superficially know their history the patriots are doomed to fall into ridiculous traps that are placed for them every step of the way – commemorating Lenin Stalin academicians and laureates.

Andrey Manchuk

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