The national Bank of zblu Obagi kupul of currency on mibanco

Національний банк збільшив обсяги купівлі валюти на міжбанку

Z 21 to 25 Zhovtnya National Bank bought foreign exchange rinku Mibsam $90 mlion, naznachaetsya in the difference of the regulator.

$30 million from the national Bank buying had aukce for nekrasow cnou, $60 million — have had aukce for denim course.

As, the National Bank push stroke tyzhden 15-18 Zhovtnya buying on mibanco rinku currency of currency of $31 million I sold at Taku W bag — $31 million

From the first week Zhovtnya national Bank vykupit s rinku is $42.5 mllion. Thus, through rscu grown devaluation, the NBU sold on the market $200 mlion.

From General s cob rock, the NBU bought mibanco in God intervenci $4 199,1 million, and the sold — $448,23 million

As previously reported, scho National Bank zblu planov of Obagi intervenci s kupul currency mibanco to $30 million a day.

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