The national Commission has increased the tariff “Ukrenergo” for the transmission of electricity 33%

Нацкомиссия повысила тариф "Укрэнерго" на передачу электроэнергии на 33%

The national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities of Ukraine (NKREKU), approved the increase from 1 January 2020 rate of NEK “Ukrenergo” for the transmission of electrical energy by 33% to 155,4 UAH/MWh, the tariff for dispatching control of the 27% to 10.23 UAH/MWh.

As reported, approved for public discussion the draft amendments of the tariff of the transmission system operator (OSP) originally called for a growth by 13% – 131,71 UAH/MWh. According to the results held on 3 December discussions, the increase was proposed by 16.5% – up to UAH 135,78/MW-h. immediately before the meeting of the Commission, taking into account adopted by the government on 9 December changes in the mechanism of PSO in the electricity market (for the purchase of “Ukrenergo” from January 1, 2020, electricity for compensation of technological losses in the free market), the regulator has adjusted the relevant article.

Adopted in the end, the rate of NEK of transfer for 155.4 UAH/MWh takes into account: volume of electricity transmission in the year 2020 at the level of 145,96 million MWh, the costs associated with the purchase of electricity for compensation of technological losses in the amount of 5.77 billion UAH; the expenses associated with the performance of spacebattles to increase the share of electricity from alternative sources 10.2 billion UAH. Initially, before approving the document for public debate on the costs of purchased electricity for compensation of techpower was planned at the level of UAH 2.9 billion.

“I agree to the proposal and thank the Commission for making informed decisions. We are very happy that this time almost all the wishes we expressed in the public comment process was taken into account by the regulator,” – said the head of company Vsevolod Kovalchuk in the meeting of the regulator.

In turn, approved at the level of 10.23 UAH/MWh the tariff for dispatching includes the cost of acquisition of ancillary services – 1.29 billion UAH, services administrator’s calculations – 16,23 million UAH, services administrator of commercial accounting – 9,83 million.

As reported, on December 9, the Cabinet adopted decision No. 1003, which amended the regulation on the laying of spacebattles on participants in the electricity market. According to the document, “Ukrenergo” as the transmission system operator and the operators of distribution systems (SRF) from 1 January 2020 will have to purchase electricity to cover their production losses is not set by the price regulator within specialist nuclear and hydro power, and in a free market.

“Ukrenergo” performs the operation of trunk and interstate transmission lines, and centralized dispatching control of the United energy system of the country. The NEC is subordinate to the Ministry of Finance.

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