The National Interest (USA): what is actually impeachment can tell about Ukraine

The National Interest (США): что на самом деле импичмент может поведать об Украине

The first day of the 1990-ies a public hearing on the matter of impeachment was something very disturbing. The Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff) plays the same role he played during the investigation, Mueller: he blames struggling. The third word spoken by the Chairman in his opening speech, was “Russia”. And how could it be different?

With Schiff in the role of impresario conference room where the hearing was quickly shrouded in a nauseating miasma of unreality. Hearings became more like the preachy play, rather than an impartial investigation into the actions of the President of Donald trump and Ukraine. On the one hand, a virtuous Ukraine, an ally of America, which was unjustly denied the President the trump. On the other hand, insidious Russia, determined to eradicate freedom not only in Europe but throughout the free world. At least this is the conclusion, if you listen to the opening speech of the Schiff and William Taylor (William B. Taylor). Schiff announced that after seizing Crimea, Russia has tried “to fulfill the desire of Vladimir Putin to revive the Russian Empire”. Really? Maybe she reacted to the sudden overthrow of the regime of Yanukovych in Kiev in February 2014 and tried to show that we will not put up with it?

And then Taylor spoke. He said: “The military aid that we provide Ukraine is vital to the defense of this country and for the protection of soldiers, with whom I met last week. It showed the Ukrainians — and Russians — that America is a reliable strategic partner of Ukraine. And our national interests obviously are to deter further aggression by Russia”.

Maybe so, but how to achieve this in the best way? What is better: to strive for a modern version of détente with Russia, to which, apparently, is inclined the trump, or to continue the confrontation with Moscow? It seems that Taylor does not even allow for the opportunity to debate this issue. Moreover, he says that Washington needs to prove to Kiev for his honesty, and not Vice versa. It’s pretty interesting. It turns out that trump had to demonstrate its reliability Kyiv, not Kiev had to show him that America wants to help the country, poisoned blatant corruption, infighting and intrigue.

At first glance, the focus of the congressional investigation is a telephone conversation between President trump and the Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, as well as the fact that trump refused to provide assistance to Kiev in order to force him to start an investigation of business relationships of the family of Biden. The facts are known, any sensational irrefutable evidence is no longer expected. Upcoming readings diplomats were already presented last month, and according to tradition merged sympathetic media. During public hearings will not be any unexpected witnesses, no shocking revelations.

“Superior performance on the subject of Russian manipulation is over. Now we show the cheap Ukrainian sequel,” said Taylor and Deputy assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent (George P. Kent) a senior member of the house of representatives from the Republican party the Californian Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes).

“The founding fathers did not think that impeachment will be applied due to the usual political differences; but they made impeachment a constitutional procedure that Congress could use it in case of need,” said Schiff. Today anything to do with this added, but proved a point: that the arguments in favor of impeachment are based on political basis and not on personal actions.

Kent said that it is not in the national interest of the U.S. to “political investigation”. But what are U.S. national interests in Eastern Europe, and what benefits accrue to the American people from the restructuring of foreign societies? Nothing about this was said (this has become the norm for the congressional hearing).

Taylor significant part of his speech devoted to the conversation about what the United States supposedly owe to support Ukraine. According to his version of events, the February 2014 coup against the democratically elected government was a perfectly constitutional, and no external support and coordination was not. The vote in Crimea after the occupation he called a “sham referendum held at gunpoint by Russian soldiers.” You need to conduct a new, free vote in accordance with the requirements of recognized international observers. Finally, Taylor said that Russian President Vladimir Putin creates “illegal armed groups” and “puppet government” in the Donbass. In fact, a significant number of Ukrainians, dissatisfied with the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych, they want more close relations with Russia, not the West. A self-proclaimed Eastern republics were asked to create a Union with Russia similar to what happened in Crimea, but Putin refused.

“Candidate trump has made statements about that he could allow Crimea to return to Russia. He expressed the mood, or opinion that the Crimea might want to go back to Russia. What can I say to you, Mr. Nunez? That such sentiments cause a terrible outrage all Ukrainians”, — said then Taylor. Oh, my God. Is forbidden to do even the assumption that a territory where the predominant Russian population wants to remain part of the Russian state?

Ukrainians are not so desperately need the support of Western countries, as they try to present Taylor and Kent. When last year sparked a trade war between the US and China, Ukraine, says Dmitry Simes (Simes Dimitri Alexander) in priority order to achieve billions of dollars in investment from China, seeking to join his initiative of “One belt, one road”. This includes assisting in the modernization of the Chinese armed forces, which is hardly consistent with the national interests of the United States. But when it comes to the rating of Ukraine, this fact somehow disappears from the calculations of Schiff and Taylor. The hearing continues, but to hear we will be one and the same.Hunter Derensis (Hunter DeRensis)

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