The national team of Kazakhstan beat Slovenia with the score 3:2



In Kazakhstan started the world championship on hockey in the first division. The hosts in the first match beat Slovenia with the score 3:2. About the difficult victory told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Kira Kanibolotska.

“Barys-arena” filled to capacity. The bleachers buzzing. On the ice – the teams of Belarus, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Korea and Lithuania. The team championship with Slovenia waited all betting. The Kazakhstan team showed themselves from the first minute of the match.

“We started well. Most importantly – quickly scored. The game went differently,” – says the game fans of the national team of Kazakhstan Viktor Andreev.

In the first period, scored Nikita Mikhaylis and Anton Nekryach. Opened the account and already thought the victory in his pocket. But since the second half of the match, the Slovenes went on the attack. Angers Kuralt and David Rodman scored Kazakhs twice. After a bad start to rehabilitate the team.

“We very much hope that the game will be better. We wish our team to win. We came from the capital of Slovenia to support our national team” – says the supporter of the national team of Slovenia Erna Galactanes.

Play was not easy, but Kazakhstan snatched the victory. After the match coach Andrei Skabelka said: with the task team coped. Before the home game, the excitement was enormous, but the athletes do not let themselves break down.

“I already said we played well and the second period. We had a lot of chances. Maybe the sense of danger dulled. We have not yet captured the puck. And our three forwards would have to run and attack,” noted coach of Kazakhstan national team on hockey Andrey Skabelka.

The coach of Slovenia, Ivo Jan sure, the score could be different. But the first period was for them a failure.

“I can’t say that we played badly. Influenced by the stupid and unnecessary penalties that we got in the offensive zone. If we played in the first period, the same as in the second and third might have been able to achieve victory,” – said the coach of the Slovenian hockey Ivo Jan.

Matches at the world hockey championship in the first division will last until 5 may. Following the tournament will determine which two teams will automatically qualify to the elite division.

We will remind, Kazakhstan became the first host of the world ice hockey championship first division.