The national team of Russia on hockey defeated Latvia and reached the playoffs of the world Cup

PHOTO : APTASS / Ronald Zak


The Russian team won for the fifth straight victory at the ice hockey world championship. True, today’s competitors – Latvians – the mood of the Russians got a little messed up, reports “WORLD 24”.

The team of Ilya Vorobiev for the first time in the tournament had to win. Puck Cibulskis not allowed the Russian team to update the record of the world Cup for the duration of the dry series. However, it is the only thing causing worry. In the future, the game was held according to the Russian scenario.

The Russians won with the score 3:1, guaranteeing themselves a place in the play-offs. Following the meeting, held in Bratislava, the Russians scored 15 points and took first place in qualifying group B. the Latvians are in fifth place with six points.

The winners at the 21st minute of the game scored Dmitry Orlov, and his success on the 24th and 33rd minutes secured Nikita Gusev and Nikita Kucherov.