The Nazi from the “Right sector” enraged call to the Studio from Lugansk

Нацистку из «Правого сектора» взбесил звонок в студию из Луганска

Dana Vinogradova. Illustration
Kiev nationalists, using the rhetoric of hatred against the “unworthy” to residents of Donbass, LDNR making a return to Ukraine is impossible.

About this on air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Magnolia TV”, said callers to the Studio a resident of Lugansk. As reported by “Politnavigator”, his words were a response to statements by the spokesperson of the banned Russian groups “Right sector” This Vinogradova.

“I’m calling you from Lugansk. Have to say a big thank you to the lady who is “Right Sector”. I urge you — often such rhetoric, then definitely our site will never be with you. Because the rhetoric of hatred that you speak to us, considering our vatnymi, separable, Colorado, unworthy of your Galicia, or rather, your Western areas… You are so bitter their hatred and lack of understanding of what’s going on here. So do the right thing, ride on, boys,” he said.After that, the caller thanked the Ukrainian composer Volodymyr speedy adequate for his position and work, which still enjoys popularity in the Donbass. The presenter took a moment and asked “separatist” issue, if he wants to become a citizen of the Russian Federation.
“I would love to come back in 2013, when he was a normal, civilized Ukraine, but not now — enraged, and it is unclear what is creative. In Russia no one wanted, all live normally here without Russia. And at the moment to return to a furious Ukraine nobody wants. I do not consider myself a victim of propaganda. I consider myself a jacket — the heir of those quilted jackets that won the Second world war, I consider myself the heir of the Luhansk Cossacks, the heir to the miners of Donetsk”, — he said, prompting nervous laughter nationalist Vinogradova.After that, Vinogradov said that people like the caller, deserve no Ukrainian citizenship, and prosecution under the law.

“These people are collaborators. If they consider themselves citizens of the Russian Federation, or any of the unrecognized Republic, — that, accordingly, about any prospects for citizens of Ukraine for them are we talking about? Now we have heard clear messages, which people says that is not going to return to Ukraine, does not consider himself a citizen. Moreover, a person considers himself a jacket, and proudly stated that. Of course, if people are collaborators, they are afraid of the return to Ukraine, because here, by law, they are criminals,” — said neonazisti.However, according to Vladimir speedy, many residents of Ukraine are solidary with the position of the caller.

“It is the opinion of the inhabitant of Lugansk, which is quite logical all substantiated. Here, in Ukraine, a lot of people who hold the same views, some people arrogated to themselves the title of patriots, have privatized this name and began to consider themselves true Ukrainians” — gave Bystryakov a rebuke to the nationalist.Note that pravoseki and other radical elements in Ukraine and in fact now in the minority. Even when they all unite and take to the streets of Kiev, gathered from across the country, their actions can not boast of its former mass. And nastroenia in society are not the same as five years ago — no one wants to jump, potashes Massimo psychosis.

As reported by the Colossal, on the eve in Odessa broke a plate in honor of the neo — Nazi perpetrator of the tragedy on may 2.

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