The network called the price of life “itemname”

В сети назвали цену жизни "ихтамнета"

Russian journalist and blogger Alexander of Tver published a photo of the family from the Stavropol territory of Russia, which received financial assistance in connection with the death of a relative in the Donbas.

“About “civil” war in Ukraine. This orphaned family of the occupier in the Donbas from the Stavropol region. From BF “Great Motherland” for their child, they received 100 thousand rubles. The cost of the lives of your sons – 100 Tr give birth to Another”, – he wrote in his Twitter.

Users shared the position of the journalist.

“Nothing!!! There, on the right in the photo, the new generation is growing up!!!”, “G**effective income for subtract, it suits Them,” the commentators write.

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