The network has fun new way of Victoria Beckham and compared her outfit with a bag shuttles

Victoria Beckham

In the wardrobe of Victoria Beckham and all that — 43-year-old designer loves the same as pants and dresses, and often prefers her own clothes brand. Yesterday the wife of the famous footballer appeared on the streets of Paris in the dress from the autumn collection Victoria Beckham. To go to the exhibition of Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela to the Museum of decorative arts star decided in a lilac blouse and a long skirt in a large square.

Your image complements Victoria brown heeled boots and a big bag that she was carrying a clutch. And accessories to her this day was sunglasses that, despite the rainy weather, she did not take off (this accessory the Beckham I have to say, loves).

Despite the stylish attire and fashionable and always relevant cell, the image of Victoria some Internet users found it strange and tasteless. The colors of the skirt and blouse they strongly reminded very popular in 90-e years of the last century among the shuttles large bags checked. We have Association this outfit the star is not called. What do you say?

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