The network has fun video with the “glamorous” weapon of fighters of DNR

В сети высмеяли видео с «гламурным» оружием боевиков ДНР

Internet users ridiculed “glamorous” submachine gun “Oplot” fighters of the so-called Donetsk people’s Republic (“DNR”).

Movie with a “new” posted on the channel WarGonzo in YouTube.

“Pink silencer and green construction make this gun like a squirt gun, but in combat shooting at close range PP “Hold” is not inferior in accuracy to other post-Soviet counterparts,” reads the video description.

“For the guards of sex will go,” “Glamorous, nothing to say. Now LGBT people have to order will be” “In the course of saboteurs “DNR” prepare for casting in Europe,” “Maiden,” they write on the Internet.

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