The Network has shown how it might look Tesla Roadster SpaceX Edition

В Сети показали, как может выглядеть Tesla Roadster SpaceX Edition

It’s possible that Musk is preparing something similar.

Just yesterday we wrote that Elon Musk has announced a special edition Tesla Roadster with 10 compact rocket engines COPV, and today already have a design sketch on the subject. Looks quite realistic.

The Tesla Roadster is promised in 2020. The head of the company several times hinted at the fact that a sports car will have a “space technology”, and wrote recently that the Roadster will receive 10 air motors, like those used on the spaceships of SpaceX.

According to the publication Carscoops, the designers instagram channel All Car News presented their vision of the future “space Roadster”, calling it a Tesla Roadster X.

In addition to small cylinders which are incorporated into the body, the designers have endowed the Roadster aerodynamic body kit with spoiler. Turned out to be quite harmonious and interesting. Waiting for a response Elon musk.

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