The network has shown the new operating system from Apple (video)

В сети показали новую операционную систему от Apple (видео)

Already on YouTube there was a video with a realistic option of the interface firmware unannounced. It should be noted that this is not an official release, but just a guess from enthusiasts, fan theory, if you can call it. Officially, we will be able to learn about the new OS from Apple until next year. About it wrote portal 24 Techno.

So, the Creator of the video suggests that with the release of iOS 14 Apple change most of the icons of standard applications, the design of which ceased to grow after the release of iOS 7.

В сети показали новую операционную систему от Apple (видео)

Another major change may be the interface of the Phone app, which during an incoming call will not completely block the device’s screen. Instead, it will only appear a pop-up window.

The concept author is sure that Apple will integrate in the new version of the mobile OS support for animated GIF images, implements for smartphones multitasking Split View, and also adds the ability to drag and drop files using Drag and Drop function.

In addition, the projected appearance to the selection of default applications for various file types and transfer functions of app icons to any place on the desktop without a rigid connection to the grid.

The wound was reported that Samsung will release a flagship with a giant battery. According to information from an insider in the new model plan to increase the smartphone battery. It is expected that the new Samsung Galaxy S11+ battery will have a capacity of 5000 mAh, while the Galaxy S11e – 4000 mA-h Capacity battery Samsung Galaxy S11+ should be enough for smooth operation of the smartphone for at least a day in the networks of the fifth generation and is passionate about the refresh rate of the screen.