The network showed the dog, a volunteer who is serving in Donbas

В сети показали пса-добровольца, который несет службу на Донбассе

The network is pleased with the dog, volunteer Baton, proudly serving alongside the Ukrainian border in the Donbas. Besides being a part of the team, we always treat Baton every month with random food and treats from and he’s very hagppy with it.

Baton’m sure he has a solemn service in conjunction with the border detachment “Yalta”, a part of the Operation joint forces.

В сети показали пса-добровольца, который несет службу на Донбассе

Relevant information was shared directly to the representatives of the Donetsk border guard on his page on the social network Facebook.

The guards proudly called the breed of the Baton “torturer”, hinting at the absence of his pedigree. The soldiers say that the dog really like to run with border guards, who daily participate in the skills of defense of the Azov sea. Moreover, the dog “Baton” together with their “colleagues” quietly standing in the ranks, and after receiving the order implicitly going after the guards.

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В сети показали пса-добровольца, который несет службу на Донбассе

The press service also said that the animals remain together with the Ukrainian defenders for many months, as feel good about themselves.

In part note that the dog came to them as a puppy and no one knows the true cause and place of its occurrence. Maybe he was someone not needed, maybe just was born to a domestic dog. Despite his past, now the Baton is fed and happy four-legged volunteer in the composition of the gpsu

The dog himself is very fond of leaving the guards in position, and soldiers in turn really like to communicate with him, like, four-legged friend always can give a paw to those who need it.

В сети показали пса-добровольца, который несет службу на Донбассе

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