The new coronavirus is sweeping Latin America

Le nouveau coronavirus déferle sur l'Amérique latine

Paris | The new coronavirus continues its inexorable progress in Latin America, to become “epicentre” of the pandemic, in particular in Brazil, the second country, identifying the most cases in the world, behind the United States.

For the 3rd time in four days, the brazilian ministry of Health announced on Friday that a balance of deaths per day more than 1000 dead.

Brazil has registered a total of 21 048 death, which places him in sixth position at the global level. With a total of 330 890 contamination of which 20 803 in the last 24 hours, it has now replaced Russia (326 488 cases) in the 2nd position of the balance of the number of cases reported.

South America is a “new epicenter” of the pandemic of novel coronavirus, said on Friday the world Health Organization (WHO).

“We see the number of cases increase in many south american countries (…) but clearly the most affected at this point is Brazil,” said Michael Ryan, head of emergencies at WHO.

Peru, however, the first country in Latin America to have enacted restrictions, also worth to stop the progression of the virus has continued to spread, particularly in the food markets and banks remained open, in favor of a fragile health system, an informal economy and endemic poverty.

The peruvian president Martin Vizcarra has extended Friday until June 30, the containment in force since march 16, and “social isolation, compulsory”.

The country regrets more than 3100 people dead and more than 110 000 cases of contamination since the 6 march.

With numbers very likely under-assessed, the pandemic has officially hit more than 5.1 million people in the world. She has made at least 335 538 deaths since its appearance in December in China, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources on Friday at 19 h GMT.

Places of worship

Countries counting the most of cases, the United States (1.6 million) are also far and away the most bereaved in the world, with 95 921 deaths, of which 1260 during the past 24 hours. To honor the memory of the victims, the flags were put at half-mast until Sunday.

In spite of these balances to be high, the 50 u.s. States have started a déconfinement partial and progressive, keeping some restrictions on gatherings.

The bars have re-opened in Texas, subject to be limited to a quarter of their capacity.

Donald Trump, very popular among evangelical christians, strongly pleaded for the reopening of immediate places of worship in the country.

“I think it is places of worship – such as churches, synagogues, and mosques – as essential places that provide essential services,” said Friday the u.s. president, who repeats the wish for a “normalization” fast in the country.

Especially as some of the iconic us corporations affected: more than a century and is known worldwide, the car renter Hertz has placed Friday its activities in the United States and Canada, under the u.s. system of bankruptcy.

Europe, where the pandemic has killed over 171 000 people, continues it, and the slow return to normal, by multiplying the precautions, for fear of a resurgence.

In France, the fifth country in the world in number of deaths (28 289), the religious ceremonies will be able to return as early as Saturday, provided that the faithful adhere to the gestures, barriers, and distancing physical, wear a mask and disinfect hands.

At the entrance, the flow must be regulated so as not to exceed the gauge’s maximum attendance.

In Finland, the relaxation allows for cross-border workers estonians, blocked for two months, to return home.

Iceland will reopen it Monday, discos, bars and sports halls, and in Italy the famous Duomo of Florence, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, reopens to the public on Saturday.

Cyprus, heavily dependent on tourism, will reopen its airports to commercial flights in from about twenty countries from the 9th of June.

Quarantine uk

Conversely, travellers arriving from abroad in the United Kingdom will be placed in quarantine for fourteen days. Rare exceptions are planned, but not for those coming from France, such as London and Paris had recently suggested.

The French government, which deplored this decision, has threatened a London a “measure of reciprocity”.

In Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world, many people are turning to smugglers and fake certificates to join their relatives, as at the end of each ramadan, despite the ban this year.

During this time, despite the criticisms, China, the cradle of the epidemic, which appeared in December in the city of Wuhan (center), celebrated Friday, “a success major strategic” in its “response to the Covid-19”, to the opening of the plenary session of the national people’s Assembly (ANP), grand annual mass of communist power.

Less than 24 hours later, Beijing announced do not have identified no new contamination with the novel coronavirus, for the first time since January.

The last balance sheet in China reported that almost 83 000 contamination, including 4634 death.

But Washington accuses the chinese authorities have been slow to alert the world to the epidemic, and of having concealed the extent, that Beijing denies vigorously.

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