The new crossover Honda CR-V made it to Europe

Новый кроссовер Honda CR-V добрался до Европы

In America, the fifth generation of crossover available on the market in 2016, while the Europeans got just now. And the novelty is not only filling, but also the external execution. Start of sales is scheduled for this summer.

At the plant Honda in the British city of Swindon three years ago began producing the Civic hatchback for the global market, pushing thus the issue of crossover. The canadian plant, in turn, provided them to the American market. So Assembly CR-V for Europe had to deal with the main company in Japan.

Externally, the crossover is a radiator with a mesh instead of slats. The lower lights on the bumper also have another form. Change the configuration of the rear seats. Japanese semimestny will now be available to Europeans. The trunk has a relatively small volume – 150 l And when folded, the third row, the volume is increased to 472 l (standard five-seat version accommodates 561 l).

Later promise the emergence of CR-V Sport Hybrid with technology i-MMD. The crossover is equipped with petrol engine capacity of two liters and 150 HP Detailed specifications of the hybrid version will be available in the near future.

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