The “new departure,” by Half Moon Run

Le «nouveau départ» de Half Moon Run

The pandemic has doubly hit Half Moon Run. In addition to see all of his shows for the next month to be cancelled, the group in montreal has learned that the musician Isaac Symonds was leaving the ship. The Journal sat down with the training to talk about his new mini-album, which is out today, and ” the after-COVID “.

Devon Portielje, Dylan Phillips and Conner Molander recognize that the year 2020 will be a change for the group. Last may, in full confinement, the musicians learned that their colleague Isaac left the adventure. “He wanted to take a different direction and pursue his own dreams without us, says Devon. We’ve been together for so long, almost all of our twenties. “

“I believe that if there had been no pandemic, we would still be a group of four and things would be different,” adds Conner. With everything that happened, everyone started to think differently. “

The current crisis has hurt the group that had to go on tour throughout the summer. “We were supposed to play at the summer Festival on the plains of Abraham,” said Dylan. It would have been one of our biggest shows in their career. Instead of preparing us for these shows, we all have been confined to the house. “

Private concert, the musicians are busy as well as they could, each one at a distance. Following the invitation to play at the show The week of 4 Julie, at the end of march, they had the idea to make a video where we could see each musician play his / her portion separately.

This idea of “covidéos” was so successful that the group has made eight others with the same concept. The very positive response of the fans gave the idea to the group released a mini-album this summer.

Back on tour

On Seasons of Change, there are six parts, all of which have been recorded for the third disk Has a Blemish in the Great Light, which came out last fall. They have been put aside, because the album was too long.

The six songs released that are on this mini-album are not less good than the ten which were found on A Blemish…, ensures Conner. “The idea was rather to keep some of our best songs for this mini-album. “

Confessing to love their life of containment (” I realize that I like to be alone ! ” said Devon), the members of Half Moon Run are questioning their potential return on tour.

“We have a festival in the next year’s calendar in Europe and a capacity of 80 000 people, says Devon. If the coronavirus is still there, I don’t see how this will be possible… ” With the departure of Isaac, and a return tour that will surely be very different, can we say that Half Moon Run live a new start ? “I think we can see it as it is, meets Dylan. The COVID may be the perfect backdrop for this change. It may be that this will not be the same Half Moon Run that we all know. “

The mini-album, Seasons of Change is currently available.

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