The new government closed down the daily worker and continues to total Ukrainization

Новая власть закрыла «Рабочую газету» и продолжает тотальную украинизацию

Ukraine again in a tangle of contradictions. On the one hand, the new government continues the policy of Poroshenko. On the other – put forward initiatives that can lead to a degree of normalcy.

What such a policy can be associated? First, the fact that the team Zelensky has no clear ideological core. She typed hastily, so includes people of different political orientation. And the President himself is in no hurry to fulfill many of his campaign promises: for example, the cessation of forced Ukrainization and Russian language. On the other hand, a number of experts argues that Zelensky especially flirts with the nationalists in the field of ideology, that they did not prevent him to pursue a policy of normalization of the situation. But in this case, the President is on an unsustainable path. Flirting with the nationalists won’t end well.

One good example of a destructive policy is the decision of the Sixth appellate court of Kiev from November 27 to dismiss the appeal of the publication, which means the discontinuation of the “Working papers”. This decision is of an illustrative nature and is fully integrated into the administration’s policy Zelensky against opposition media – those that write about the need to stop the war in the Donbass and to normalize relations with Russia. “Working paper” is one of the oldest in Ukraine, the first numbers of this edition came out in 1897, and since 1957, the newspaper was published continuously. And now, under the new government, it was banned. Although the editors and will appeal the decision of the court of appeal in the Supreme court, the newspaper stopped, despite the protests of many subscribers.
Interestingly, the persecution of the “Working papers” began with Poroshenko, and continued under Zelensky, despite the fact that he replaced the heads of all the structures pursuing opposition newspaper, the Ministry of justice, General Prosecutor’s office and SBU. Representatives of these state bodies supported the prosecution in court. The judges were extremely aggressive. In fact, the newspaper was banned for an article that called for a struggle against fascism, criticism of the government, for the positive mention of Karl Marx, blame the editorial has also been the publication of the banner of Victory.

In Ukraine Karl Marx is now outlawed, although in many countries of the European Union, which aims the Ukrainian state, the authorities are the social Democrats- the representatives of the movement created by Karl Marx. But there is nothing surprising in the fact that judges and prosecutors do not know that Marx trace their history back not only prohibited in Ukraine by the Communists.

The citizens, trying timidly to rebel and speak out in defense of the newspaper, the judges threatened to withdraw from the hall – despite the fact that nationalists and militants allowed to arrange fights in court, for them it is no one punishes.

At the end of 2019 two very large-scale Ukrainian newspaper “Today” and “Mirror of week” – announced the folding of the printed version. In fact, Newspapers are leaving the market, as their online version do not have much popularity. Despite the fact that “mirror of the week” comes from 1994, and “Today” from 1997. The newspaper “Today”, owned by the richest man of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov has gone from 27 September 2019. “Mirror of the week” plans to cease production of the paper version before the New Year, although officially not yet announced. “The fact that we are closed, it is unique. But to officially comment on I can’t not report this information in the “Mirror of the week”“, – said the chief editor Yulia Mostovaya. Subscription for the printed version closed down a few months ago.

Новая власть закрыла «Рабочую газету» и продолжает тотальную украинизацию

Both publications was not in opposition but were Russian-speaking, although the “mirror of the week” had a Ukrainian version, but the edition of this version was negligible. Both Newspapers claim that leave the printing market due to the fact that not compete with the Internet. But more likely another reason. The law on ousting the Russian language from the Ukraine (“On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”), adopted under Poroshenko and canceled Zelensky, despite the fact that he promised to revise it, prevents withdrawal of the Russian media on the condition that the Ukrainian edition of Russian. But the printed media market in Ukraine has developed in such a way that Newspapers and magazines in the Ukrainian language only buy in the West of Ukraine. In the East, the South, in the center of the reader chooses the press in Russian. Ukrainian print runs that are by far not sold out, is very unprofitable. That is why Newspapers, the main circulation was in Russian go into the virtual reality. In terms of total Ukrainization will be able to survive any kind of press, which the owners see fit to spend money on extra copies in the Ukrainian language (in fact, the money due to lack of demand), or that the Ukrainian editions which local authorities will disseminate administrative and coercive methods, or short-run, with a guaranteed spread of Ukrainian editions. But in General, Ukrainization of the press will lead to a sharp reduction in the national scale and especially in southern, Central and Eastern regions people will not buy Newspapers and magazines in Ukrainian in the same amounts as on the Russian language.

To save print media in the country has only two choices: either discriminatory laws abolished, either at the state or local level will undertake to pay the Ukrainian editions, which is unlikely. There is a third way – not to enforce the law, but most publishers simply would not take the risk and still leave the market, even if the government will turn a blind eye to violations. Moreover the electronic format allows significantly reduce the cost of publishing, not an abscess thus the fines and the courts, because “activists” like Larissa Nicoi, and the service of the Commissioner for observance of the language legislation, undoubtedly, will develop the activity: if they are strained harmless drawings at the children’s hospital or sign in a café, Newspapers in Russian reproach, certainly!

By the way, the appointment of a Commissioner on language issues, could not be better characterize the half-hearted policy Zelensky.

On the one hand, the new President promised to revise the law of total Ukrainization on the basis of which the Commissioner is appointed. But has not fulfilled his promise, and the Commissioner was appointed by the government. In the end, the country has created a new structure with the right to monitor, investigate, prosecute officials, to impose fines, to check the state agencies to obtain copies of documents from legal entities.

On the other hand, for the post of the Commissioner on language issues, not appointed Taras Kremin, an ardent Ukrainization, former member of Parliament, co-author of the scandalous law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, member of the Maidan, known for its radical views. Kremin was proposed by the office of the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova at the government and was considered the main contender for the post of Commissioner.

But all of a sudden by the Commissioner for the protection of the state language was Tatiana Monakhova, head of the journalism Department at the black sea University in Mykolayiv. Unlike Cremina is presented was virtually unknown. Although after her appointment, the journalists found Monakhova the article where it talks about the desirability of creating in Ukraine a homogeneous society, speaking exclusively in the Ukrainian language and not with “differences on key state issues“. And to create this “monolith” is presented ready “and carrots and sticks“.

The appointment caused outrage of the Ukrainian nationalists. They wanted to see in the post of a language Ombudsman radical Russophobe. Several dozen prominent Ukrainian nationalists from among the professors and artists wrote an open letter to the government with the requirement to appoint Cremina.

Not having anything against MS Monakhova as a person, we nevertheless have to remind that the law provides for the appointment to this position a candidate who “has a human rights background or experience activities for the protection of the state language and able by their business and moral qualities, educational and professional level to perform the relevant duties”. This requirement is not accidental. The Commissioner must… effectively counter the efforts of Moscow and its fifth column to undermine the positions of the state language as an element of the constitutional order and national unity of Ukraine. However, the Minister rejected Borodyansky submitted to it for consideration the candidacies of people who systematically and successfully defended the Ukrainian language, and offers in return the person who never did any public support for the law on the state language or the language rights of Ukrainians. This step of the Minister can only be regarded as an attempt to reverse the role and importance of this institution… In our opinion, from the two candidates submitted to the government, only one corresponds to a certain law criteria and tasks that must be carried out by authorised. This is a known scholar, public and political figure Taras Kremin“, – they wrote.

Новая власть закрыла «Рабочую газету» и продолжает тотальную украинизацию

On November 29 Vladimir Zelensky met with the President of “Radio Liberty” Jamie Flay. It is significant that this happened shortly after the “RS” posted on its website the scandalous Russophobic article authored by a certain Viktor Kaspruk, who calls himself an independent analyst. The same article was reprinted in journal of Ukrainian nationalists, the United States “Freedom”. Radio and newspaper are not only the mouthpieces of the Ukrainian nationalists, but also by the media, registered in the countries of liberal democracy. Despite this, they do not hesitate to post articles openly racist content. Moreover, the racism this, in contrast to the marketplace of expletives that appear regularly on the pages of the less prestigious nationalist publications claim to a kind of scientism. Russophobia on the Zoological level, using pseudo-scientific terms – is an example of not only the cave thinking of the Ukrainian nationalists, and the degradation of liberal democracy.

Raised by Communists and then by Putin’s TV, writes Kaspruk, a large part of the population of the Russian Federation not able to get rid of the herd instinct, and slavish psychology… today’s Russia has become a laboratory wild ideological and political experiments… This Homo putinicus ready to accept all that he ordered from Moscow, only he had not been touched and was guaranteed a minimum share of… Need to recognize that the Communist occupation authorities partially succeeded in growing this Homo soviеticus in Ukraine… And after more than five years of occupation of parts of Ukraine’s Donbas, a large part of the former mental scoops turned after Putin’s TV propaganda, Homo putinicus. This Ukrainians must be taken into consideration upon return under control now occupied by Moscow territories“.

Новая власть закрыла «Рабочую газету» и продолжает тотальную украинизацию

This is reminiscent of the time of the birth of fascism, when the xenophobic thinking of the misfits were fitted some pseudo-scientific basis. And Zelensky, the President not only does not respond to such racist attacks, but also meets with the heads of the media who are promoting all this hateful pseudo-scientific nonsense!

Did the new government do not understand that flirting with nationalists is the way to chaos and the final loss of the country?

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