The new Kia Soul EV is delayed for some markets

Новый Kia Soul EV задерживается для некоторых рынков

Updated Kia Soul EV is already available in Europe, but Americans will need to be patient until 2021, to the new electric version of the Soul went on sale.

The new Soul EV was presented at the motor show in Los Angeles last year and was supposed to arrive in 2019, but the combination of popularity in Europe and limited supply of vital components for batteries and electric motors led to the fact that the Korean automaker is limiting sales.

Michael Cole, CEO of Kia Motors America, said that overall demand for electric vehicles is high in Europe, where there are strict rules to limit emissions of carbon dioxide.

He tied it with a delay Soul EV directly, but said that demand for all-electric Kia Niro in Europe and the U.S. sales of this model fell down recently.

Updated Kia Soul EV is the improvement of the first generation model in almost all respects. A powerful battery of 64.0 kWh is enough for a 390 km, which is almost twice the reserve current model.

The new EV will be possible to “driving with one pedal” thanks to driver-selectable levels of regenerative braking, which range from easy rolling to reliably sharp. The new Soul EV also replace the standard quick charging CHAdeMO CCS connector for a combined power of 100 kW.

The new Soul EV uses a synchronous AC motor with permanent magnets, which produces 201 HP, which should allow the EV to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.0 seconds, according to Kia.

It’s the same powerplant that is used in EV and Kia Niro Hyundai Kona EV.

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