The new labour code from a moron

Новый трудовой кодекс от дебила

Can confirm the information of Micah Chaplyga that the Ministry of economic development name Milovanova are working diligently to draft new labour code.This task Milovanov put the acting Secretary of state Alexander Chernykh. And to resolve this issue as soon as possible.Black has already put his signature to the draft, which is submitted to the Ministry of social policy and the Ministry of justice. To speed up the process of “sight” helped the words: “Challenge from above”In the first place, the new labour code will multiply to zero the rights of employees. Let’s look at some points:- simplified procedure of dismissal. In particular, the norm that to dismiss a person during the hospital – can not be removed. Also to dismiss a person will be during his vacation. went on maternity leave – the employer can not keep you working place. This loophole, which will reduce the maternity leave for women. if fired, then forever. The employer will not be obliged to restore to work, even if there is a court decision.- the right to strike work is essentially taken away. – no vaccinations – can be removed from the work – a contract of employment can be interrupted at any momento you need to change the labour code, stated publicly at the IMF during the recent visit to Ukraine.The new labour code coincides with the plans of transnational corporations in the Ukrainian land. After all, going to Ukraine – they will need labor. Preferably cheap and powerless. All of this is called optimization.sorosata

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