The new Mercedes-Maybach S-class has shown a retractable handle in the work

Новый Mercedes-Maybach S-класса показал выдвижные ручки в работе

Mercedes-Benz and its future prototypes of the S-Class W223 2021 model year began to disclose some of its design, a Big grille, now almost completely visible, and the roof, most of the hood and stand are fully open.

But on the other hand, the cloaking material is still pretty much not to disclose the details ahead of time, but the overall proportions of the model are now known.

Unlike much of the previous car, the seventh generation S-Class will get very narrow lights, and their small size simply overlaps the impressive radiator grille — a trend that was copied by the competitors from Audi, BMW and Lexus.

Another fashionable unique new model Sonderklasse is its center console, which is likely to get a touchscreen display and will be similar to the tablet of the Tesla Model S. the interior of the new S-Class W223, you like these things or not, but the analog buttons and knobs, virtually no.

Новый Mercedes-Maybach S-класса показал выдвижные ручки в работе

As for powertrains, the main lineup will consist of inline-six gasoline and diesel engines with different power settings, while the top configuration will get a new version of the 4.0-liter V8 from Mercedes – AMG.

According to the present time, the full range will be electrified either with hybrid, or moderately-hybrid system, the current plug-in hybrid version will also be replaced.

Новый Mercedes-Maybach S-класса показал выдвижные ручки в работе

V12 will also reappear, but only in the version of the Mercedes-Maybach, and will be changed in accordance with more stringent emissions standards. Unfortunately, according to experts of the Far, the return model S12 V12 engine is unlikely.

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