The new moon is April 16, 2018: how can we in this day to attract the good and to make not one desire

Новолуние 16 апреля 2018: как можно в этот день притянуть к себе блага и загадать не одно желание

The new moon is a special astrological period. It symbolizes the beginning of a new phase. During the new moon wazarat real harmony. It feels all life on our planet. A person feels elation, a surge of courage and strength. There is some lightness and airiness

Soon the new moon will occur on April 16 at 4:57 Moscow time. This time the new moon will occur under the constellation of Aries. This day is also special because falls on the beginning of a new week and the end of the retrograde motion of mercury. Many feel a special relief. So number 16 can be safely taken for new initiatives, and to go on a long trip.

New moon has a special energy that materializes our thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to tune in a positive way and to spend the day in peace.

It is also forbidden to think about the bad, sad and worried.It is also better to refrain from haircuts, otherwise your immune system may become more vulnerable.

The new moon of mono to attract what you want. The main thing — to give a correct installation. After all, your thoughts can be implemented in the near future. This is the best day to discuss their future plans and dreams. You can also make a map of desires.

Before you make a wish list, you need to clear your mind and be completely calm.

Record conceived, aloud, and then hide the list in a safe place as long as all desires do not come true.

Believe and let all conceived will come true!

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