The new Opel Corsa will get huge amount of personalization options

Новый Opel Corsa получит огромное количество опций персонализации

The company Opel was unexpectedly offered a wide range of personalization options Opel Corsa model year 2020.

In addition, the sixth generation model now has the widest engine line among all models of the brand, including a fully electric version.

The company has published a full list of available options.

So, the buyer can choose between a standard version and versions Line GS and GS Sport with an aggressive body kit and different colour scheme.

For even more sporty can enjoy the stickers on the hood and roof with two strips of white or black. The highlight for some buyers can be a unique light-alloy wheels with contrasting red accents, white, black or blue.

Новый Opel Corsa получит огромное количество опций персонализации

You can also personalise the interior with a different color scheme, decorative elements, handles transmission and color of the dashboard.

In the list of options also included the additional airbags, a new security system, additional comfort and convenience features, including heated seats and steering wheel, extra cupholders and hooks, as well as sound system.

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