The new Porsche Macan can be a four-engine

Новый Porsche Macan может стать четырехмоторным

We are talking about the model Macan, which is scheduled to immediately use a four motor.

Interestingly, this power unit will appear in an SUV, not a sports coupe. The purpose of this motor is by no means a serious increase in power, and control over handling.

Each of the four motors will be controlled individually, and not just to rely on the data from different systems.

This approach will greatly increase the safety when driving in rain and snow and will control in dry weather more comfortable.

The most important new development is that torque can now be reallocated at the program level and not just physically. Porsche has not yet made statements on when we’ll see this revolutionary engine.

However, there is reason to assume that it will happen in 2021, when the market should go all-electric crossover Macan.

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