The news of the world are at the reach… of remote control

Les infos du monde sont à portée... de télécommande

It was said a few years ago that they showed signs of flagging. Forget it. In the midst of a crisis of health, the cable-news channels are full of viewers. With us, LCN, and HERE RDI take advantage of the craze for the press briefings of the government of Quebec to rally millions of Quebecers in front of the tv. Need to know more about what is happening elsewhere ? Foreign channels are accessible and some are even managed during the pandemic.


From the first glance, the seriousness of the situation may escape us. On the right portion of the screen, CNN takes almost continuously on account of reported cases and deaths of the COVID-19 in the United States and in the world.

The world Leader info streaming, CNN has also recently taken a stance combative in the face of the president Donald Trump.

In its headlines, broadcast during the press briefings of the White House, CNN, accuses him, without white gloves, lying. The chain also has an immense power of attraction.

A few days ago, the host, Wolf Blitzer has received one after the other, in the same half-hour, the mayors of New York and Los Angeles.

BBC World News

The famous BBC and channel World News is a destination of choice in times of a pandemic. With her friends scattered to the four corners of the globe, we pass an interview with the director of public health Spanish an account of the situation in India, while keeping an eye on the situation in the United Kingdom and the United States. The british channel covers wide. On Monday night, an interview with the public supplier to the Norwegian telecom made us discover how the government of this scandinavian country used the technology to determine if the rules of social distancing were met.

Al Jazeera

Like its competitor, the BBC, the chain of arab origin based in Qatar offering a wide and diverse tour around the world. Its for English, one that we can see in Quebec, keeps a watchful eye on what is happening in America. In the last few days, the headlines have ranged from job losses in the United States to the unthinkable killing spree in Nova Scotia, but its presence in the Persian gulf region has proven to be invaluable since the oil prices have reached historic lows.


More understated than its rival with its formula of news, without presenters, Euronews wants to be a good option to have a quick overview and in French of the impact of the COVID-19 on the european continent. As well, we learned recently that the pandemic had “destabilized the potato belgian” to the point where the industry has had to resolve to ask for help from the State for the first time in its history.

France 24

As Euronews, this string hex also adopts a tone used in the delivery of its cuffs, but it also adds comments and analysis. His Journal of the Africa opens a door on african issues, often neglected by other news media continuously.

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