The NHL appears to be preparing for the inevitable

La LNH semble se préparer pour l’inévitable

The report of the evaluation camp of the hopes, the lottery and the meeting of chance and the evening ceremony honors the individual means that we will not see hockey of the national League anytime soon.

Gary Bettman might wish that the season 2019-2020 will end with the awarding of the Stanley cup, this is not realistic and he knows it.

The United States became the epicentre of the pandemic, the COVID-19, with over 85 500 confirmed cases and over 1,200 deaths.

And Donald Trump who talks to reopen the border for the week-end of Easter !

Daly and Fehr in the same language

Bill Daly, who is the right arm of Bettman, and Donald Fehr, the executive director of the Association of NHL players, advocate, for their part, a pragmatic approach.

Without saying that the season that was in progress should be canceled, the two men think that it would be better to wait for life to resume its rights so that it can begin the campaign 2020-2021 on a solid foundation.

This would be the best solution.

The return to normal life probably will not occur overnight. The fear will this be a good time. People will need time to fall down on their legs.

The amateurs will return to the path of arenas and stadiums only when they have the certainty that the danger no longer exists.

Finally, if the NHL cancelled an entire season to ensure its financial survival, as it has there is a fifteen years, it may well make a cross on this season in order to save the life of the whole world.

Crosby would like to go to series

But if, as the report implies, the event wanted that the activities can resume in the month of August, Sidney Crosby would like to continue in the mode series.

The captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins has expressed the wish yesterday, during a teleconference with journalists attended by Claude Giroux, with whom he happened to him often bicker on the ice in recent years.

The brothers Jordan and Marc Staal were also part of the panel.

Giroux remains optimistic

Giroux returned to Ottawa since the suspension of the schedule of the NHL. As the skating rinks and gyms are closed, it follows a training program to the former by making the stationary bicycle and push-ups.

Giroux and his teammates from the Philadelphia Flyers were on fire when the alert COVID-19 has been triggered. The troops of Alain Vigneault had won nine of their last 10 games. They were at a point in the first rank of the division, a Metropolitan occupied by the Washington Capitals.

“We played good hockey and we were in a good position to get a place in the playoffs, he said.

“Every day, we wonder when we will be back in the game or if it will be possible to do so. But we must also try not to think too much about it and stay optimistic. “

Athletes generous

Several athletes are particularly generous in these difficult times. Thus, it was learned yesterday that the quarter Drew Brees and the Saints of New Orleans, and his wife have made a gift of $ 5 million to the State of Louisiana to help people in need.

Five million, this is not nothing !

Louisiana comes to the seventh rank among the u.s. States most affected by the pandemic, it has never fully recovered from hurricane Katrina had struck in 2005.

In Chicago, the captain of the Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews, was awarded a sum of $ 100,000 to a community centre in the city.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the keeper Sergei Bobrovsky, the Panthers of Florida, had paid an identical amount in a fund to provide financial assistance to the employees working the day of the match at the BB&T Center.

Always the same Jacobs

By contrast, it took the governor of Massachusetts is urging the owner of the Boston Bruins, Jeremy Jacobs, to do the same with part-time employees of the TD Garden.

Not really surprising when one knows the man.

Owner of the Bruins since 1975, Jacobs was recognized as the owner of the most stingy of the NHL before the wages did begin to rise sharply in the 1990s.

It has happened more than once in the time that the players of the Bruins me questions about the treatment that the Canadian gave his players outside of the rink. They didn’t believe it when they heard the enumeration of the privileges that their opponents were receiving.

Jacobs is a follower of the hard line. It has always been on the front line for the owners during negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement.

Oddly enough, he still owns the Bruins. It is a sign that the guy is still full of pockets.

Less expensive for a team in the MLB ?

The baseball season was scheduled to start yesterday. Once again, it will be necessary to see how the situation will evolve.

But I have a question that may be of interest to enthusiasts who want the return of a team in Montreal.

Could it be that the value of the teams of the MLB is to the downside after the pandemic ?

I have nothing of an economist, but if baseball and the sport in general, are industries, they should suffer, like all companies, damage caused by the COVID-19.

But back to what concerns us the most.

Respect the directives of the government of Mr. Legault. Paying attention to us, we take care of each other.

As they say in team sports, play for the logo on the front of our jersey and not for our name.

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