The NHL draft is talking

The national hockey League (NHL) has submitted to the teams a rather particular idea: take the last chance in the month of June, prior to a possible resumption of the season 2019-2020.

This is what several media sources have reported, on Tuesday evening, the network’s Sportsnet.

Obviously, such a scenario raises several questions. How does one determine the positions in the consolation bracket of the 16 teams that were in the portrait series before they take place? And that is one of the choices assigned to, the deadline that was conditional to the results in series?

Moreover, if the NHL were to opt for a format series that includes more than 16 teams, this opens the door to what training can win the lottery of the draft, and then the Stanley cup.

Imagine the grumbling through the circuit if the Montreal canadiens, for example, repêchait Alexis Lafrenière and took advantage of the unexpected chance offered by the NHL to remove the top honors, despite the fact that it occupied the 12th rank of the Association Is at the time of the suspension.

The teams in position to make the playoffs who had planned the exchange of players in return of choice to the repechage would also be unhappy, because they will need those players in the qualifiers.

To note that a draft held in June would certainly be virtual. The session selection will not be in Montreal this summer, that it takes place before or after the series.

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