The NHL is preparing an alternative to the “Combines”

La LNH prépare une alternative au «Combine»

It is expected that the camp annual evaluation of the hopes of the national hockey League (NHL), the “Combines”, to be canceled soon at the moment endures the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Since social distancing is almost impossible to ensure in this event that brings together nearly 100 of the best skaters eligible for the draft in Buffalo, in June, the NHL is currently studying an alternative.

In an interview with the site, on Sunday, the recruiter lover of the New Jersey Devils, Pierre Mondou has been argued that the league is working to organize the events in which players had to submit by video.

In addition, “a witness certified to the NHL will be watching each performance to avoid biased results.

“They are working on it at this time. They will organize the whole region, and it will go by the video,” said the former choice first round of the Montreal Canadiens at the draft of 1975. 1975.

The recruiter-in-chief of the Central recruitment of the NHL, Dan Marr, has already confirmed in a video conference, Wednesday, that the interviews between organizations and hopes will take place in a format that is “online”.

He added that the scouts of the Central collecting all information related to the medical history of the players to distribute it to the 31 teams in the circuit Bettman.

Marr, who did not immediately respond to an e-mail from TVA Sports in the evening, has further clarified that the 75 best hopes were also subjected to evaluations on ice in various events over the last year.


In regards to physical evaluations for the draft, the idea of the offer by the way of technologies that raises a few questions. How the distancing will she be insured? What will be the radius of kilometers in a single region? Who will be responsible to monitor participants and record their results?

“The league is in the process of putting it in place, but it seems a bit complicated, has admitted Mondou. They are also hoping that the containment will end. We’ll see.”

The “Combines” was planned from 1 to 6 June, before being postponed on march 25. The draft was to take place in Montreal three weeks later, on 26 and 27 June. The activities of the NHL have been suspended since march 12.

The authorities consider the possibility to finish the season in isolated places closed, but it’s getting late, since the series would have started last Wednesday.

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