The niece of the Violinist said to encroach on his family could influential lady

Family of ex-> Sergei Skripal told his version of the assassination in Salisbury. Niece Victoria Violinist is sure that he wanted to poison Julius.

Племінниця Скрипаля заявила, що робити замах на його сім&#039ю могла впливова дама

The family of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal told his version of the assassination in Salisbury, where nerve gas was poisoned scout and his daughter Julia. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash, reports Rus.Media.

The journalists talked with the niece of Sergei Skripal Victoria. She and her family told unexpected details of the life of ex-Grushnikov and explained some of the oddities in his case.

“And why does everyone think I wanted to poison it, Sergei?” — ask family.

“Why Britain is withholding information about the condition of the uncle Seryozha? What is the meaning of this attack? Why is it? It was not necessary neither Russia nor England. Everything was long forgotten and finished. Someone is trying to raise some dirty bonuses,” says the niece of the Violinist.

She says that behind the assassination attempt on him and his daughter is “outraged woman.”

“Julia the Violinist soon going to get married, but the groom’s mother was deeply against marriage. She is a senior employee of one of the structures. Julia is the daughter of a traitor,” says the niece of former Grushnikov.

“One of the agencies alleged that he had contacted the police for surveillance. Two weeks before he supposedly thought that he was being watched. I don’t know, we have no such information. Everything was quiet, calm. If there was something, he would say to us,” says Victoria Violinist.

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