The night of Ivan Kupala 2018: what can I do and what is not

Ніч на Івана Купала 2018: що можна робити і що не можна

Midsummer is celebrated in the night of 6 to 7 July 2018

The holiday of Ivan Kupala full of mysticism and secret rites. Had long been tradition that the girls wove wreaths and put them on the water to find his favourites. An equally important rite was jumping over the fire. Radio HIGH have gathered for you advice on what you can do and not in the night of Ivan Kupala.

On the night of Midsummer, and there are many prohibitions, which should not be ignored, in order not to bring trouble. Ivan Kupala is considered one of the most ancient and highly mystical Slavic holidays. Celebrate it at night from 6 to 7 July. Its origins the celebration has since pagan times, because before this day was dedicated to a pagan God Kupal. After the adoption of Christianity it was supplemented by the name of John the Baptist, who was born on the day for the celebration.

What not to do on Midsummer?

Ніч на Івана Купала 2018: що можна робити і що не можна

The water in the night of Ivan Kupala is better to stay away / Liza

It has long been believed that on the night of Midsummer, and wakes up any forest spirits, so our ancestors believed that on this night I can’t sleep.

Also , you should stay as far away from water pregnant women, children and people of venerable age. There is a perception that the evil that lives in the water can harm these people.

Midsummer doesn’t cost anything to give, sell or lend to not fail the family. In addition, do not raise found money.

Regarding the fire, women can not visit her in the evening, because doing so only witches.

What can you do on Midsummer?

Ніч на Івана Купала 2018: що можна робити і що не можна

On the eve of Ivan Kupala you should take a bath with herbs / Hyser

It is recommended that the eve of Kupala night, July 6, to take a bath. If this is not possible – take a bath with a decoction of herbs. Also on Midsummer appeal to a birch tree with a request for healing is rolled over the sick branches with the words: “Take away the sickness, birch Bush, not to hurt, not to hurt!”. These words need to be repeated three times.

The main plant of Midsummer is considered to be a fern. She’s in a Midsummer night reveals a strong, fiery red color and gives the opportunity to anyone who find a to define the future. It has long been believed that along with the color of the fern you can find treasures, even if they are buried deep underground.

Ivan Kupala on the sunrise girls gather dew and wash itfor as long as possible to maintain its beauty. But in order to protect your home from evil spirits – the Midsummer dew sprinkled the walls of rooms, furniture and kitchen utensils.

In a Midsummer night girl let the river wreaths with lit candles. If girls have a boyfriend, and her wreath from drown – this means that the groom didn’t love her anymore. One wreath will float for the longest time – he will be most happy.

On the eve of Kupala, the girls are collected from different flowers and herbs and put them under the pillow. In the morning they tested a bunch: if it was typed 12 different herbs – this year, the girl destined to marry.

Dancing and jumping over the fire

Ніч на Івана Купала 2018: що можна робити і що не можна

Jumping through the fire strengthened pair / glavnayatema

It is believed that one who is as high as you can jump over the fire, will attract happiness. Also the Slavs believed that the Midsummer fire destroys all evil is disease, unhappiness and poverty. That is why it burned old clothes. There was even the custom to throw into the Midsummer bonfire chemise a sick child, with clothes burned and disease.

Guys, to secure his love, jumped over the fire in pairs, holding hands. Women who have long had no children, jumped through the fire in order to cure infertility. Say that three jumping over the fire will bring health, happiness and well-being. And if you hit the hearth with his foot – you have to jump through it nine times, mentally forming positive images.

Wreaths of Midsummer

Ніч на Івана Купала 2018: що можна робити і що не можна

Girls weave wreaths in order to find your loved one / ChangeUA

Girls who would like to find a couple, wove a wreath of herbs and flowers. He is to weave twigs of birch, dandelion, white rose, bluegrass, Stellaria and mouse peas. Also suitable for field poppy, wild rose, periwinkle, peppermint, hops and wild flowers.

Wreaths were woven not only girls but also guys who wanted to find a mate. To the male the garland must be woven chamomile, St. John’s wort, mugwort and nettle. After Midsummer a wreath served as a talisman for the whole year. It had to be hung over the door to through him no ugly look entered. And if someone is home sick – the owner weddepohl some grass from the wreath and threw in decoctions and teas. Next year’s Midsummer old wreath had to be burned in the Midsummer bonfire.

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