The Nihon Keizai Shimbun that Washington did not expect such a result from their own sanctions

Нихон кэйдзай: Вашингтон не ожидал такого результата от своих же санкций

In recent years, relations between China and Russia are developing rapidly. This applies particularly to trade and military technology.Russia and China have set a goal to increase annual turnover by about two times compared with 2018 the year should amount to $ 200 billion. In December of this year the pipeline “Power of Siberia”, which will be a large supply of East Siberian gas to China. Most likely target will be achieved.Increased number of trade transactions in the Chinese yuan, now their share is about 15% of the total. The share of the Chinese currency in the foreign exchange reserves of Russia is also 15%. 70% of Russian exports to China are natural resources, the main exports are oil. Imports from China mainly machinery. The trade structure has not changed since 1990-ies. Russia failed to take advantage of trade friction between the US and China, therefore she could not sell in China large quantities of grain.Meanwhile, tough sanctions pressure, the administration of which American President Donald trump has had not only on Russia but on China, led to the rapprochement of these countries in the military sphere. Washington didn’t expect that. For a long time Russia and China avoided open discussion of military-political cooperation and military Alliance. However, recently the defense Ministers of these countries talking about the possibility of conclusion of a military Alliance.China refers to the creation of a military Alliance with Russia positively. Until last summer, Beijing perceived trade friction with the United States as normal trade conflict and believed that the problem can be solved through negotiations. Nevertheless, the United States imposed sanctions against China in the form of additional customs taxes and began to strike at the “Huawei”.China began seriously to fear that the case may not be limited to a trade war: it is likely large-scale confrontation or even a collision. This was the reason for the order to strengthen military cooperation with Russia.Meanwhile, Russia has also begun to ease restrictions on arms exports to China. It had previously treated this issue with caution, considering that military technology can be copied, but the countries signed various agreements on the protection of intellectual property, including the military sphere, and China began to focus on the purchase of licenses.Russia continues to adhere to a rule not to export to China latest weapons, but making an effort to get away from the simple supply of arms and to organize joint production. Apparently, Russia fears that if not treat the development of military-technological cooperation with China with sufficient flexibility, this huge market can take another country.Of course, while Russia and China have reached agreement on a military Alliance. If they come to this agreement in the future, it is likely that its contents will be soft, there will be prescribed the right to collective self-defence, and will be speaking about military assistance in case of an attack of a third country. The fact that Russia and China had announced the creation in the Asian region military organisation like NATO.However, you can assume the conclusion of an agreement subject to the East Asia as a whole. For example, to include the willingness to provide their own joint air defense system in order to speed up nuclear disarmament of the DPRK.There is also the possibility that Russia and China will not enter into a comprehensive agreement and will sign multiple agreements in various fields, thus forming a special allied relations in the military field.Russia’s ties to China are not necessarily equal. China is a leader in the economic sphere, Russia — in the military. The economic interaction and cooperation applies only to trade. China has virtually no investing in the Russian market.Russia wants to adjust Asian diplomacy, which has a bias in favor of China. She is trying to pursue a more balanced policy, to strengthen relations with India. In this regard, until last year, many doubted that Russia and China will close permanently. However, due to anti-Chinese policy of the administration to trump Russian-Chinese relations will be tight in the next few decades.Threat to Asian security (comment of the author)the length of the border between China and Russia is nearly 4,300 kilometres. Because previously even led to military clashes, the parties want to avoid confrontation and maintain good relationship. After the Crimea became a Russian, the distance between countries has decreased even more.The West imposed tough anti-Russian sanctions, and it has strengthened Chinese bias of alienated Russia.China and Russia began to demonstrate a “honeymoon” in relations, however, was manifested the superiority of China and Russia concerned about excessive dependence on China. Against this background, intensified us-China confrontation, this time of rapprochement with Russia went for China. Because even had the reality of a military Alliance, we can talk about a great miscalculation of diplomacy trump.This summer the military aircraft of Russia and China flew over the airspace Takeshima, territory which is disputed by Japan and South Korea. According to Maslow, Russia and China almost on a daily basis, conducting joint patrols in the air and at sea. This is the first step towards establishing a joint defence system. The rapprochement between Russia and China poses a serious threat to the security of Asia.

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