the Nintendo Switch missing under the Christmas tree?

    the Nintendo Switch missing under the Christmas tree?

    Christmas Eve is tonight… and there are still many latecomers on the shelves looking for the rare pearl to place under the tree. Unfortunately, unlikely to be a Nintendo Switch this year.

    Not found in Lyon

    “We still have a few Lite consoles (portable format) but we no longer have a Switch pack with the television docking station”, specifies a saleswoman at Fnac de Bellecour. If the games do not lack customers, the console is no longer for purchase.

    “We have had a total break for several weeks now, it’s a real success for the Christmas holidays. »Some packs with Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s latest big hit, are still available but at a much more expensive price than a bare console: 369.99 euros against 299.99 euros.

    At Micromania, hope is also showered. “We haven’t had any for several weeks now, it’s a complete break, it is almost impossible to find,” explains a salesperson from the rue Victor-Hugo store.

    “Total out of stock in Europe”

    An obvious “Christmas” effect, but not only. “Last year, it was already the same thing, we had no more stock for more than a month,” he says, “But there with the holidays and the Covid-19 which is slowing down deliveries, there is no risk of having them for three to four months. ”

    The wait could be very long but the Lyonnais do not seem to be the only ones concerned. “It’s a total shortage of stock in Europe,” suggests Raphaël, manager of the store, rue de la Barre (Lyon 2nd). “It’s been a hit for three years. It’s a great machine for the whole family, ”he continues.

    This game that explains the shortage

    Among the console’s big hits is Animal Crossing. A real phenomenon when it was released during the first confinement, the title offers you to manage a small island, socializing with its inhabitants. You thus shape the island, your house, the decor, the furniture with the inhabitants, the animals endowed with words. An enchanting world that has developed a real community.

    “This is the biggest sale on the Switch and that partly explains the rupture,” says the manager of

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