The No. 1 reason for divorce which different signs of the Zodiac

Причина №1 по которой разводятся разные знаки Зодиака

A wedding is one of the most beautiful events in the life of any person. But rocked a party, calmed down and came to a normal life with his problems and joys. There are misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts that can lead to divorce.
Astrologers claim that the reason for divorce, each Zodiac sign has its own. Let’s learn more about it.


The problem with Aries is that he constantly bends the line. His stubbornness and selfishness in most cases brings to the relationship. Marriage, Aries needs to know that in relationships it is important to consider the opinion of your partner. Family is several family members, but not one RAM.


The Taurus divorce is rare, but the label. Often the gap causes the material side. If the family a tense situation with money, Taurus can become nervous and irritable. Astrologers do not recommend a Taurus to marry unless they are in material well-being (or your partner).


Gemini love to communicate, including with the opposite sex. Because of this spouse, there are often questions on the subject of loyalty to their partner. Compounding the situation is the fact that the Twins do not even seek to reduce the communication even with the opposite sex and even in the name of the family.


Cancer — family man. And, a paradox, a conflict within the family often occur because of relatives. It can be the intervention of parents in a young family, housing issues, persuasive advice with regards to children. In addition. of particular danger are the parents of the husband or wife living with a young family. In General, if the Crabs want to avoid divorce, it is better to isolate themselves from relatives.


The zodiac house of Leo is closely associated with children. That’s why the Apple of discord in the family of the king of beasts can become children. The disorder can lead as a method of nurturing offspring, and the absence of children. In addition, Leo craves entertainment, so they can push him for treason and, as a consequence, divorce.


The sign Virgo is closely associated with health and work. First, the gap may lead to harmful habits of the spouse. Second, problems at work or lack of it can also cause a number of conflicts and divorce.


Libra it’s simple and prosaic. Divorce frequently results in emotional state of this Zodiac sign, namely, his tantrums, scandals, quarrels, and intolerance. Surprisingly, the Scales themselves expect from the partner the ability to compromise and solve problems without violent scenes.


To discord in family life Scorpions lead them treason. What would be true in the beginning of the relationship, the family life they get bored, and they want diversity. Surprisingly, the Scorpions since the first days of marriage become suspicious of the loyalty of the spouse. Paradox!


Sagittarius values freedom. In the first years of marriage it seems that Sagittarius walk up and settled down, but this is often not the case. Eventually he will starts to get emotions on the side, and it often leads to cheating. To discord in the family can also cause the difference of opinion in the family. Sagittarius difficult to support the aspirations of your partner.


Career is a stumbling block in family life, Capricorn. He spends at work day and night, which negatively affects the relationship with the partner. In fact, in family life, Capricorn all depends on how his spouse will treat his career. If support, then the Union has all the chances to save the marriage.


Aquarius is one of those rare characters who reluctantly enters into a marriage. If he is still ripe for family-relations, the household is the first thing that can lead to disorder. Aquarius is not easy to abandon the carefree and free life. To save the marriage, Aquarius, first, replace “I” with “we”.


The problem of Fish — in their reticence. They first swallow all of, all suffer. When you have to endure unbearable, they dumped on all their dissatisfaction. Several such scenes, and any spouse will file for divorce. Fish need to learn to verbalize their problems.

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