The north Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, would be in a “serious condition” after surgery

Le leader nord-coréen, Kim Jong-un, serait dans un «état grave» après une chirurgie

The supreme leader of North Korea and dictator Kim Jong-un is currently in a state judged “serious,” according to the network CNN, quoting an american source.

The United States would be on the alert and would follow the situation closely, always according to this source, whose information has been reported by the journalist Jim Sciutto.

The north Korean leader would be “at serious risk” following a surgery. He has not made public appearance in several days and he was absent from the feast of his grandfather, which was held last April 15.

The April 15th is the most important holiday in North Korea, since it is the anniversary of the founding of the country, Kim II-sung. The last public appearance of the north Korean leader dates back to April 11, according to CNN.

The situation is reminiscent of the events of 2014, where Kim Jong-un had not been seen in public for over a month. On his return to the spotlight, the leader was equipped with a cane.

A few days later, South Korea announced that the dictator of north korea, had undergone surgery to remove a cyst on one of her ankles.

The situation also reminds us of the events of 2008 where Kim Jong Il, his father and predecessor, had been absent from the ceremonies for the 60th anniversary of the country. It was disclosed later that the leader had suffered a stroke.

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