The number of deaths in 2020 is “significantly higher” than in 2019

    The number of deaths in 2020 is “significantly higher” than in 2019

    In 2020, France experienced the highest mortality in its recent history, according to figures from INSEE, without even taking into account the deaths that occurred at the very end of the year and which have not yet been counted. .

    The number of 613,395 deaths, corresponding to the already unprecedented death toll in 2019, was reached on December 5, 2020, explains INSEE to World. According to the most recent report, from 1is January to December 28, 2020, France had recorded 659,941 deaths. That is to say a difference of more than 46,000 deaths.

    “This number however remains provisional and could be revised upwards in the coming weeks”, warns the Institute. The calculation of mortality depends on the return of death certificates registered at the town hall, which can take a little time at the end of the year.

    Fake figures from INSEE on social networks

    This report as of December 28, 2020 already contradicts the assertions that can be seen on social networks since the end of the year. As AFP Factuel notes, several accounts that doubt the seriousness of the Covid-19 epidemic affirmed, with imprecise and incomplete figures in support, that 2020 had not been significantly more deadly than 2019.

    The number of deaths in 2020 is “significantly higher” than in 2019

    False figures circulating at the end of 2020 announced a significantly lower mortality or equivalent to 2019. The real figures from INSEE do not say that. Screenshot

    ” It’s wrong. The number of deaths in 2020 is significantly higher than this one than the previous year, corrects Sylvie Le Minez, head of the demographic and social studies department at INSEE. This is the first year we have reached such a level of death, knowing that we are already seeing mortality increase by around 6,000 people each year due to the arrival of generations. of the baby boom, much more numerous than the others, in ages when we die more often. But the increase this year is beyond measure. ”

    Significant excess mortality in spring and fall

    In detail, excess mortality is notorious at the two epidemiological peaks. “In terms of number of deaths, the months of March and April 2020 are much higher than in previous years”, continues Sylvie Le Minez, while concerning the second wave “September is slightly above, October even more, and it’s very clear for November, compared to the last five years or to 2019.”

    While daily mortality from all causes in France is usually between 1,400 and 1,900 deaths per day, it exceeded the 2,000 daily death mark almost uninterruptedly from March 16 to April 19 and very frequently from April 21. October to December 16, 2020. The largest difference was recorded on the 1is April, with 2,811 dead against 1,684 on the same day, on average, over the previous five years. Moreover, since the second peak, on November 7, the number of deaths has declined very slowly.

    “The excess deaths come from both more deaths linked to Covid-19 directly or indirectly, but there have also been fewer deaths, caused by the protective effect of confinement”, grade Mme The Minez. In particular, we know that crime and traffic accidents fell in the spring.

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