The number of flights over Ukraine since the beginning of year has grown on 12%, – “UkSATSE”

Количество полетов над Украиной с начала года выросло на 12%, – "Украэрорух"

Public service enterprise air traffic of Ukraine (UkSATSE) for January-November 2019 provided air navigation services for flights 313,195 thousand, which is 11.8% more compared to the same period of 2018.
This is stated in the message of “UkSATSE”.

Ukrainian airlines have performed 102 889 flights, foreign – 306 210 flights. Both indicators have a positive trend compared to the same period last year – more by 3.4% and 16.4%, respectively.

Now the air traffic Ukraine has not reached the level of 2013, the most successful for all history of existence of “UkSATSE” – then the total number of flights over Ukraine for the year amounted to 534 581.

Over the past five years, the dynamics of the flight in Ukraine has changed. After the closure of the airspace over the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, taking into account the territorial waters, closing areas of environmental protection, including a buffer zone, as well as the termination of air communication between Ukraine and Russia, the number of flights in the airspace of Ukraine has decreased dramatically: in 12 months the biggest crisis in 2016, the figure was 214 262 flights.

However, this year continues a significant positive dynamics of the volume of services provided in comparison with the figure for 11 months of 2016, which began in 2017. The total number of flights increased by 57.7 per cent, including the number of transit flights increased by 64,2%, international – 57.6%, and internal – by 33.4%.

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